Affiliate Disclaimer

Before we start here, we want to say we’re not cops, law enforcement, or agents of any kind. Don’t get it twisted, we’re just working under a unifying theme of authority, so to speak.

CBD COP is our baby, and we’re very particular about how we make money off of it. We don’t want to resort to misleading advertisements or ads, like other sites. And we definitely don’t want to use affiliates that offer products that don’t work, or sneakily charge you insane amounts of money. That said, we as a site need to make money in order to continue giving you great CBD related content. That’s where our amazon affiliate links come in.

Affiliate Disclosure

What does that mean for you?  If you’re not clicking on them, nothing.  But if you decide you want to try one of these products, and click on one of our links, you’ll be taken directly to Amazon. If you purchase something from Amazon after clicking on a link from our site, we get a percentage commission off that sale. There are a lot of ways that people use affiliate programs online to make money, but we’ve found that the safest, and most agreeable one is going through Amazon. They offer a lot of things that other programs simply can’t, and because we control the ads on the site, you won’t get things sending you to bogus, or less scrupulous areas of the internet.

If you have an issue with a product you ordered through Amazon, then they’ll be able to help you out with returns, exchanges or refunds. If you’ve found a particularly bad product by clicking one of our advertisements, then we apologize. If you leave a comment in the comment section, or contact us with a complaint, we can get that product removed from our posted advertisements.

Again, we’ve found this to be the best way to keep this site afloat, and keep giving you the content that we (and hopefully our readers) value as good or at least entertaining.

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