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Best Hemp Hearts: We Heart Hemp Seeds!

What are the Best Hemp Hearts of 2018? Firstly, what are hemp hearts? Are they like artichoke hearts? Kind of! But they’re more like shelled sunflower seeds. Hemp Hearts is just another name for hemp seeds, but they are a special form of the hemp seed. Hemp Hearts are simply the pure hemp meat inside the outer shell of a hempseed. So the Best Hemp Hearts are the best hemp seeds in this form! Hemp seeds come from hemp, the male strain of the cannabis plant (related to but NOT marijuana). Hemp hearts are extremely good for you. They’re rich in heart-healthy fats, to start. They also contain a variety of antioxidants as well as vitamins A, C, and E. Hemp hearts are high in fiber, full of essential minerals, and are a complete source of protein! What’s not to love?

But, how do you determine what the Best Hemp Hearts are? To determine the Best Hemp Hearts, you need to consider some questions. Where is the hemp grown? Is it organic? What does it taste like? What brand should you buy? Who has the best prices? Which brands have the best reviews? How do you plan on consuming your raw hemp seeds? The Best Hemp Hearts for you will suit your needs, have a price to match your budget, and receive plenty of positive reviews to make you feel confident in your purchase.

Best Hemp Hearts: The Best Of Hulled Hemp

Once you find the Best Hemp Hearts for your purposes, you can think of ways to use hemp seeds in your daily life! For most people, this means consuming hemp seeds in food. You can find tons of recipes online that include hempseeds. But if you are wanting the Best Hemp Hearts, you first need to make sure you’re buying hulled hemp. Hulled hemp is the other name for hemp hearts. Hulled hemp consists of entire hemp seeds but with their crunchy outer shells removed. Basically they are shelled seeds like sunflower seeds – or any other kind of seed! Getting rid of the shell makes hemp hearts the most nutritious form of ingesting hemp seeds. For the Best Hemp Hearts recipes, try Apple Pecan Hemp Heart Granola, Raw Hemp Heart Brownie Bites, Raw Grain-Free Hemp Tabbouleh Salad, Hemp Heart Hummus, Hemp Protein Bars, and Simple Hemp Seed Porridge. Some of the Best Hemp Hearts include Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts, 12 oz ($12.99), Nutiva Organic Raw Shelled Non-GMO Sustainably Farmed Canadian Hempseeds, 19 oz ($12.42), and Just Hemp Foods Non-GMO Hulled Hemp Seeds ($15.06). You can find these and other Best Hemp Hearts on Amazon. These 3 products have good reviews (especially the Manitoba and Nutiva brands), but there are other options for Best Hemp Hearts as well. Check them out for yourself and get to cooking and eating your hemp hearts with all your heart and soul!

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