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With the growing popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD), comes the growing popularity of new CBD products. You can currently get CBD in multiple forms. You can get CBD oil, CBD spray, CBD gum, powder, capsules, the list goes on and on. There are going to be some minor differences in each product, but if a product contains a decent dosage of pure, natural CBD, it will deliver the same CBD therapeutic benefits. And now, there are new CBD products that are stealing the spotlight, CBD chews.

What Are CBD Chews?

CBD chews are by no means a brand-new way to market and sell CBD. However, they are picking up speed and getting a lot more attention than ever before. There is no universal form that CBD chews come in. Just as there are a variety of CBD products in general, there are a lot of CBD chews. A few examples of it could include:

CBD Chocolate Chews

CBD Taffy

CBD Gummies

Why CBD Chews?

Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to taste. For some people, CBD oil doesn’t taste the best, even the oil that contains flavoring. The same can be said for CBD spray and powder. These products are a bit more raw, and direct. However, if you still enjoy the therapeutic benefits that CBD delivers, CBD chews may be exactly what you’re looking for. You can receive the benefits of CBD without the harsh taste since CBD chews come in tons of different flavors. It isn’t difficult to find CBD chews with your favorite flavor. There are CBD treats that taste like watermelon, sour apple, grape, chocolate, cola, you name it. You could be consuming CBD and it would feel like you’re eating your favorite candy!

Aside from the taste factor, CBD candy can be more convenient to tote around. CBD oils and sprays typically come in glass bottles. These can be a bit tricky to keep in your purse of toss in a suitcase. However, you can easily transfer CBD chews with no hassle. Plus, if you want to keep the CBD candy on you, but you don’t want others to know it’s a CBD product, CBD chews disguise well as regular candy.

As for the effectiveness of CBD chews, it is there. You get the benefits of CBD, but it certainly isn’t going to be as strong as using a CBD oil or spray. This could be appealing to some who feel a bit sensitive to CBD oils. But, if you want a stronger effect from a CBD product, CBD candy may not be the way to go. They typically contain less CBD than other products.

CBD Chews: The Takeaway

The biggest thing to take away from CBD candy is:

There are a large variety to choose from.

They can be more convenient and taste better than other CBD products.

But, they are less potent than other CBD products.

There is no right or wrong CBD product. It is simply about personal preference. The only way you’ll be able to determine if CBD chews are the product for you is to try some first hand. Determine how much they affect you and if you want something more potent. Mostly, you can read reviews all day but you won’t know what you like until you try!

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