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We know that finding a good product can be difficult sometimes.  And, when it comes to CBD and hemp, that can be even more difficult.  After all, these products can be an enigma.  Of course, that’s where we like to come in.  If you take a look at other parts of our site, you’ll find articles dealing with CBD in a variety of ways.  For example, you’ll find reviews on other CBD products and companies.  Plus, you can find general articles ranging from finding the best CBD dog treats to the best CBD vape oil.  So, if you’re looking for CBD, we’ve got you covered.  But, what about products and companies you’ve kind of heard about, but don’t know much about?  Well, today we’re going to be talking about Zhou Supplements.  So, if you want to learn more about this company, keep reading.

Zhou Supplements And CBD

If you’re already familiar with CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, you can probably skip this section.  We’re just going to be talking briefly about what Cannabidiol is.  And, why people want to use it.  Because, a lot of the supplements you’ll find on the Zhou Supplements website are aimed at the problems that people experience and want to use CBD to solve.  So, let’s start with CBD.  What is it?  Well, CBD is nothing new – it’s actually a substance within the cannabis plant called a cannabinoid.  You’ve probably heard of another cannabinoid, called THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol (we’ll touch on that in a second).  These days, people have heard of all kinds of uses of CBD.  Some of these have a scientific basis, and others are still up for debate.  All the same, a lot of money goes into researching CBD and its potential in the medical world.

People seek out CBD for a huge variety of medical reasons.  These can range from relieving anxiety to preventing seizures.  Some people even hope that CBD could help them beat cancer.  And, while there isn’t a lot of evidence for many of the uses of CBD, there are some promising studies out there.  For example, in one study, subjects took CBD to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with public speaking.  So, why aren’t people reaching for cannabis left and right?  Well, as you probably know, concerns over THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis, has given lawmakers a lot to think about.  But, what does any of this mean for Zhou Supplements?  Are you going to find CBD in Zhou Supplements?  And, what kind of supplements do they offer?

Zhou Supplements Products

We had a good look at the Zhou Supplements (or Zhou Nutrition Supplements) website.  Because, we’d heard about people wanting to know what this company was about.  And, we checked out their array of products.  To be honest, the variety is pretty impressive.  They have supplements for a variety of needs.  In fact, there are ingredients that we hadn’t even heard about before featured prominently in some of their supplements.  That’s really cool, because it shows that Zhou Supplements may not be afraid to go above and beyond in seeking out new ways to address issues that people experience.  But, what about CBD supplements?  Are there the same kind of CBD oils and edibles that we’ve reviewed for other places?

Well, from our investigation, there actually weren’t any CBD supplements available.  Plus, we had a hard time finding hemp oil or hempseed oil, too.  So, that leads us to believe that Zhou Supplements may not yet offer these products in their lineup.  Why, then, are we reviewing Zhou Supplements?  Well, as we were talking about in the previous section, people seek out CBD for all kinds of maladies.  However, in the Zhou Supplements lineup, we also see a lot of supplements aimed at these same kinds of issues that people experience.  For example, people use CBD for anti-anxiety purposes, right?  Well, Zhou has a supplement that claims to help soothe stress.  And, there are six supplements advertised under the “bone & joint” health tab on the website.  So, we know most people come here to look for CBD products.  But, we know that our readers are probably looking at Zhou, too.

Zhou Supplements: Calm Now

We all know that there are days when you just don’t feel like things are going your way.  And, that frazzled, stressed-out feeling can often stick with you through the day if you don’t do something to chill out.  Unfortunately, some products that are meant to calm you down can just put you straight to sleep.  And, that’s not productive.  So, the idea behind the Zhou Supplements Calm Now supplement is to help you de-stress without putting you out.  The label for this supplement boasts loads of B vitamins as well as some more exotic materials like Bacopa Monnieri extract, Rhodiola extract, and a Calm Now Botanical Blend that includes things like lemon balm extract and hops extract.  If you want to give this one a shot, it’ll cost you just a little over $20.

Zhou Supplements: Black Seed Oil

If you’re not one to get super stressed out, but you just want an overall health boost, you might be looking for something totally different.  And, keep in mind that we don’t know for sure that this supplement lives up to its claims.  However, Zhou Supplements Black Seed Oil supplement claims to use Black Cumin Seed Oil for the purpose of immune system support.  If this is more your speed, you can actually get this product for even cheaper than the first – a little over $15.

How To Order Zhou Supplements

Well, we know that this was just a taste of Zhou Supplements, but we hope that you at least got the chance to see a little bit of what this company might have to offer.  And, the good news is that the Zhou Supplements site is pretty easily navigable, plus it has way more than what we listed here.  It looks like most of their purchases are for online-only.  However, they also are reachable by email, phone, and a slew of social media accounts including Facebook.  So, if you want to give Zhou Supplements a shot, you should have plenty of options.  Otherwise, if your heart is set on finding a CBD or hemp oil supplement, you can check out some of our picks just below.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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