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With all the benefits that people attribute to the cannabinoid compound CBD from the cannabis plant, it’s not surprising that people are beginning to wonder about CBD And Epilepsy. Does CBD Help Epilepsy? This article from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health claims that for centuries, cannabis has been used to treat seizures. But what about CBD And Epilepsy in particular? This same article addresses the question, “Does CBD Help Epilepsy?” by putting the focus on CBD specifically. It suggests that while there is promising evidence to demonstrate how CBD is effective in treating epilepsy. But, more research needs to happen in placebo-controlled, clinical settings to determine how CBD And Epilepsy relate. CBD And Epilepsy do seem to have a positive relationship in helping treat seizures. But, with the legality of cannabis, it’s not always available for people to try and see how it can help.

CBD and Epilepsy Together

On the Epilepsy Foundation website, you can find many reviews of people claiming that CBD has helped them or a loved one who suffers seizures. So CBD And Epilepsy do seem to have a connection. The Epilepsy Foundation has a commitment to supporting physician-lead care in advocating and exploring alternative treatment options for epilepsy, including CBD (cannabidiol). For people who do not respond to other treatments for epilepsy (about 30% of those affected), using medical cannabis including CBD may be a good option.

The Epilepsy Foundation fully supports responsible use of cannabis to treat epilepsy, so it seems that CBD And Epilepsy might go together for a treatment plan. The biggest concern is not “Does CBD Help Epilepsy” (since it seems that it does help many). Rather, the concern is whether it is legal in your state to even try a CBD treatment. If you live in a state with legal cannabis, you’ll have medicinal CBD available to you with a prescription. Or, even without where cannabis is 100% legal. But, if you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, it’ll be impossible to treat your epilepsy with CBD.

CBD And Epilepsy: The Takeaway

The question “Does CBD Help Epilepsy” isn’t an easy one to answer. But, the short answer seems to be “yes, for some.” And that’s enough. While not everyone who suffers seizures would want to or should try medical cannabis to treat their epilepsy, others may find that CBD And Epilepsy go together well to treat their symptoms. Already 29 states (and the District of Columbia) have passed medical cannabis laws and made medical cannabis programs available to people who qualify with various diagnoses. Cannabis products with high CBD concentrations (and low THC) are now also legal in 17 other states. When it comes to CBD And Epilepsy, there is hope! While it may not be for everyone, the momentum of the laws changing will allow people to finally answer the questions “Does CBD Help Epilepsy” for themselves. Moving forward, the data shows promise and hope for the future.

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