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One of the more popular ways to take CBD oil is to mix it in with food, and for some people that means putting it right in the recipe. The problem that some people have experienced with this method of taking it is that the oil can be bitter and not quite to their taste. Do it wrong and it can ruin a meal. That’s why we’re here to give you some CBD Cooking Tips! Cooking with CBD takes a little practice and finesse, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making incredible CBD foods in no time!

CBD Cooking Tips

  • Start Small and Work Your Way Up – One of the biggest pratfalls of cooking using CBD is that people will initially use too much. A helpful way to think about how much to use is to consider how many portions you plan to get out of the meal, and only add the amount you would normally take times the number of portions. That’s a good place to start, then adjust the amount of CBD to taste.
  • Start With Sweet Recipes Before Taking on Savory Ones – Sweet recipes are going to be more forgiving when it comes to cannabidiol cooking. Chocolate chips, cake batter, and sugar are more likely to overpower the bitterness of the CBD oil. Cookies, cakes and pastries will be better practice recipes when you first start cooking with CBD. Once you’ve mastered those, move on to putting some in guacamole, alfredo sauce, or garlic mashed potatoes.
  • WATCH THE TEMPERATURE!!! – If you’re taking CBD, it’s probably for the possible health benefits, so make sure you watch the temperature of your cooking or you may as well not be taking it at all. CBD oil can begin to break down at higher temperatures, so it’s strongly advised not to allow the oil to get over 200 degrees Fahrenheit when cooking with CBD. Never expose the oil to a flame or even direct heat. If you want to be extra careful, you can always drizzle the oil over already cooked foods, although this will not mask the taste as well.
  • Quality and Storage – When you go to the grocery store to buy produce, you don’t pick out the jankiest looking orange and call it a day. Quality ingredients produce quality food. Before you begin cooking with CBD, make sure you find a high-quality oil to do so with. Store the oil in a cool and dark environment to ensure the best preservation. You don’t leave the beef on the counter, and you’re probably not putting your bananas in direct sunlight, so find a cool cabinet, and that’s where the CBD oil goes.
  • Mix Thoroughly – This is actually kind of a general cooking tip, but it applies to cooking with CBD most of all. Even distribution of the oil is key for two reasons. One, it ensures each portion has the same amount. Two, it prevents you from taking a bite to find significantly more CBD oil in that bite than the next. That first bite is going to be a bitter one. Always mix thoroughly

 CBD Cooking Tips – Practice, Practice, Practice

Like all things cooking, this will become easier with time and requires a great deal of trial and error before you’ve mastered it. Here’s the best one of our CBD cooking tips: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Nothing would be invented, and the world would be boring without a little experimentation. If it goes wrong, adjust for next time or call it a wash and don’t make that recipe again. What do you have to lose? Cooking with CBD is a pretty low-stakes game to play.

Thanks for reading our CBD cooking tips guide! While you’re here, check out our CBD Dosage Calculator or our CBD Oil Coffee guide!

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