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We like to think that CBD isn’t too confusing.  But, that might just be because we work here at CBD Cop.  And, we kind of make CBD our job.  So, we accept that to the general public, it can be a little confusing to know how to use CBD.  Or, if you should even be taking it in the first place.  That’s why we realized that a CBD Dosage Chart probably wouldn’t go amiss among our many articles.  And, now we’ve delivered it to you.  Because, we want getting the right dosage of CBD to be easy.  So, welcome to our CBD Dosage Calculator By Weight!

How To Read The CBD Dosage Calculator

Before we begin, we just want to say that these numbers should not be a replacement for sound medical advice from a professional.  And, any information you get here should be backed up by your physician before you follow it.  Now, let’s get into how to use our CBD Dosage Calculator.  Basically, this chart gives you information on how many milligrams of CBD to take based on your weight in pounds.  (Yes, we’re combining the imperial system and metric system.  We’re rebels like that.)

Using the CBD Dosage Calculator should be relatively easy.  Just find your weight in pounds in the first box.  (The number will start to scroll when you click – just move your mouse outside of the field box to stop the number from scrolling.)  Or, simply type your weight into the field (again, in pounds only).  Next, choose your sex from the drop-down menu.  (At the moment, we don’t have a gender-neutral option, so choose the option that best applies.)  Now, our CBD Dosage Calculator should give you the recommended CBD Dosage in milligrams under the dotted line.  This is a daily dosage.  We recommend rounding down the dosage to the nearest milligram for ease of use.  (One quick note: we don’t recommend CBD for children under 18, so we have entered the minimum weight option as 85 pounds.)

This formula is based loosely on this chart found at Honest Marijuana CBD Dosage Calculator, but we don’t recommend using CBD for people under the age of 18; as such we’ve omitted usage data for people under 85lbs.

CBD Dosage Calculator Disclaimer

We mentioned this above already.  But, we just want to say that we are not medical professionals.  Of course, we have your best interest at heart.  However, you should always check with your doctor for the right dosage for you.  And, if you feel that the dosage you get from the CBD Dose Calculator is too high, try something lower to start out.  We don’t want you to replace any formal medical advice with any information from our CBD Dosage Calculator.  Your health is the most important thing.  And, the person who can most accurately help you maintain your health is your physician.

Why Is Dosage Important?

Just as with any medication, you don’t want to take too much or too little CBD.  That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to include a CBD Dosage Calculator By Weight on our website.  Because, taking too little CBD might not give you the effects you want.  And, taking too much might end up over-treating the situation.  Although CBD is not generally considered dangerous, you should still be cautious about taking too much of it.  Especially, if you’re new to CBD.  If you’re going to try a dosage that’s different from what our CBD Oil Dosage Calculator recommends, you should aim for going lower, rather than going higher.

Plus, even if you may not experience any adverse effects from taking a little too much CBD, you don’t want to waste your product.  In general, CBD is on the expensive side.  True CBD products (not just hemp products) can end up costing you quite a bit of money.  And, it would be a waste to end up taking more than you need.  Ideally, you’d take the minimum dosage for what your needs are.  That’s why we hope our CBD Dosage Calculator comes in handy for you.

CBD Dosage Calculator: Oil Doses

So, how do you follow the CBD Dosage Calculator if you already have a bottle of CBD oil at your disposal?  Well, the back of the packaging should have information as to how much product is in your bottle (oftentimes around 30 mL or one fluid ounce, for the small bottles).  And, it should also say how much one serving is, and how many servings are in one container.  Now, you can follow their dosage suggestion, or you can follow our CBD Oil Dose Calculator.  It’s up to you.  But, ideally, they’ll make it easy for you to measure – like one dropper equals so many milligrams of CBD.

CBD Dosage Calculator: Other Forms Of CBD

Now, if you’re using another type of CBD, we think our CBD Dosage Calculator can still come in handy.  Of course, your packaging should also contain dosage or serving information.  For example, if you’re using CBD Chocolates, the packaging might say that each chocolate contains two milligrams of CBD (or something like that).  Now, compared to our CBD Dose Calculator, two milligrams might seem really small.  But, consider that CBD Chocolates may contain other ingredients (like fat) that you don’t want to get too much of, either.  So, it wouldn’t be a great idea to load up on 12 chocolates, just because our CBD Dosage Calculator recommends 24 milligrams of CBD.  The same thing would apply for a CBD Gummies Dosage.  Or, any other form of CBD.  If you’re using something other than pure CBD oil for CBD, we suggest only following the dosage recommendation on the packaging.

CBD dosage calculator table

How To Use The CBD Dosage Calculator Chart (Above)

To read the chart, just simply start by looking at the left column.  That’s where you’ll find your pain indicator.  Now, we know that not everyone takes CBD for pain.  And, we know some people might benefit from a CBD Dosage For Anxiety Calculator.  However, if you’re using CBD for something other than pain, you can always start with the smaller dosages for your weight, and increase if you don’t experience any effects.  So, after you find your pain level in the left column, simply follow the appropriate row to the right until you find your weight category.  Keep in mind that we don’t recommend CBD use for people under age 18.

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