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CBD is one of those new things that some people are somehow already experts on – and everyone else seems to have no clue what to do with it.  And, that’s okay!  That’s one of the reasons why we started CBD Cop.  Because, we wanted to help people understand CBD a little bit better.  And, as it turns out, CBD is not just for people.  Truly, your furry friend might benefit from the multi-purpose plant.  The question is, how much should you give them?  Today, we’re talking about the Recommended CBD Dosage For Dogs.

How To Understand CBD Dosage For Dogs

So, we’ve got the opportunity today for you to take a look at our CBD Dosage For Dogs calculator.  But, before we start, we want to say that this is not a replacement for medical advice from a veterinarian.  And, any dosage advice you get should be approved by your pet’s veterinarian before you administer the dosage.  All right, so how do you use the CBD Dosage For Dogs Calculator?  Well, it’s pretty easy.  It’s set up by your dog’s weight.

All you have to do to use the calculator to get the appropriate CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs is to put your dog’s weight into the first field.  You can do this either by clicking in the field and typing in the weight, or by using the scroll menu on the side.  (If you do scroll, one click will send the meter scrolling until you move your mouse away from the field.  We find it easier to just type in your dog’s weight.)  Now, make sure you put the weight in pounds.  The second field will automatically fill in with the recommended CBD dosage for your animal, in milligrams.  (Yes, we’re combining American units and metric units.  We’re just cool like that.)  So, give it a shot and try using the CBD Dosage For Dogs calculator below.

CBD Dosage For Dogs Disclaimer

We want to reiterate that we are not medical professionals.  So, if you do decide to use our CBD Dosage Calculator, you’ll want to check with your dog’s veterinarian.  It’s also a good idea to use your own judgment.  If you think that the recommended milligram dosage is too high for your dog, then go lower.  However, if you think that the dosage isn’t enough, we still recommend starting low and building up your dog’s CBD dosage.  This is best done under guidance from an animal health professional.  Your dog’s health is very important!  So, don’t keep your vet in the dark about how you’re trying to help your animal.

When To Talk To A Vet

Of course, we hope that you get some helpful information from our CBD Dosage For Dogs article here.  But, there are times when you should definitely talk to a vet before turning to CBD for help.  For example, if your dog has very persistent pain without an obvious source, you shouldn’t necessarily assume that CBD is going to be helpful.  Or, if your dog experiences an injury, it’s always best to talk to your dog’s veterinarian for help.

Additionally, there are some life-threatening conditions that can come on very quickly for dogs.  We won’t be able to list the full roster of deadly conditions for animals here.  But, certain behavior in your dog should warrant an immediate visit to the vet, rather than a CBD Dosage For Dogs.  If your dog is vomiting blood or vomits several times in a row, it could be a serious problem.  Even more serious are problems like seizure, difficulty breathing, a firm and swollen abdomen, or possible poisoning.  Some dogs will try to hide the fact that they are feeling ill and will attempt to appear healthy at any cost.  So, your responsibility as a dog owner is to make the right observations and decisions and take your dog to the vet when he needs medical attention.

CBD Dosage For Dogs: Oil

There are some CBD products out there that are intended for animals.  But, if you have a CBD product intended for humans, you’ll need to be careful about the CBD Oil Dosage For Animals.  Even if you have a product that is labeled 100% pure CBD oil.  However, if you have the go-ahead from your vet, you may be able to get creative about administering the appropriate CBD Dosage For Dogs to your pet.  For example, you could mix the oil with some soft cheese.  Or, you could use the dropper to put the oil in your pet’s food.  Again, just make sure you’re using smaller doses and working your way if you need to.

CBD Dosage For Dogs: Dog Treats

If you’re a loyal reader of CBD Cop, you know that there are some CBD Dog Treats and hemp dog treats out there.  And, many of these products are NOT in oil form.  Because, dogs are creatures of habit.  And, they’ll probably prefer their CBD if it’s in the form of a treat or kibble.  Now, if you’re going to be administering CBD to your pet this way, you can probably just safely look at the package of the product.  For example, if the packaging on your dog treat recommends two treats at 2 milligrams of CBD each, you should start with that.  Even if the calculator above suggests a higher number.  Because, these treats may also contain other ingredients that you don’t want your dog to have too much of.

In other words, the safest course of action is to get a few different opinions.  Especially, from the packaging of the product that you’re actually using.  But, your veterinarian is your dog’s biggest lifeline, so make sure you call her up before you administer CBD at all.  And, if you know you’ve got the appropriate product for your dog, check out our CBD Dosage For Dogs calculator.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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