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Let’s face it, taking oil and vaping aren’t for everyone, but everyone deserves the kind of relief provided by CBD and CBD products. That’s why there are people out there putting CBD into anything that will take it. Today, we’re going to tell you about one of the newest CBD products – CBD Honey! This is growing rapidly. When we googled it, we found a lot of products are already on the market, but we do a lot of reviews already. Instead, today we’re going to talk about CBD Honey, what it is, why you may want to get some today, and a whole lot of things that you can do with it!

What is CBD Honey?

It’s kind of all in the name. It’s honey… with CBD in it. As much as we wish the bees were sitting around vaping CBD, then making honey, that is not how it’s made though. Basically, some CBD companies have started making honey and mixing in CBD oil. The result is a honey that has all the benefits of CBD oil built right in! You can get different kinds of honeys, light or darker, sweeter or less sweet. It all depends on your taste. If you’ve got a favorite type of honey, odds are there is a comparable CBD honey that you can take.

Uses for CBD Honey

  • Sweetener – You can mix honey into your favorite tea or coffee. A lot of people already use honey as a replacement for sugar because they prefer the taste!
  • Baking – A lot of recipes call for honey. Use a CBD product instead, and you get the benefits of CBD with the great taste of the recipe.
  • Use it for Salad Dressing – You might be surprised how many sweet dressings already involve honey. It can really jazz up your greens!
  • Drizzle – Odds are that you’ve seen someone drizzle honey on their toast or a doughnut. You can do the same thing with these types of products
  • Sauces – Mix honey into sauces to add that extra sweetness with all the flavor of honey. Add that sauce to your favorite recipes or as a dip!
  • BBQ – Honey glazed this and honey-glazed that, all of it can be done with CBD. From ham to smoked brisket, BBQ was made for honey and vice-versa. Give it a shot and enjoy!
  • Caramelize – Caramelizing something is basically just roasting sugar. You get the flavor and crunch of caramelizing something by replacing the sugar with honey!

Why Use It

As we said in the beginning, there are a lot of people that want to use CBD products, but the idea of adding an oil to something or vaping the product directly is unappealing. Combine honey with CBD. It’s a good way for people that are put off by the current products on the market to give CBD a go without taking it in a way that they don’t like. If you know someone that has hesitated to take CBD because they don’t like the idea of the oils or vaping, just tell them about CBD Honey products, and maybe they’ll be on their way!

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