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Risks Of Using CBD Oil: What Are They?

Everyone is talking about the amazing benefits of CBD oil! From tinctures to oils to skincare, CBD is popping up everywhere! And everyone seems to be talking about how it has little to no side effects and no psychoactive effects. So are there CBD oil risks? Well, as with any medicinal compound, there could always be potential risks! Every body is different. For some, eating a strawberry could be fatal, after all! So we’re not trying to scare you away from CBD oil. Overall, it’s been deemed quite safe and beneficial. But we DO want you to be educated and know the POTENTIAL risks of using CBD oil. Read on to find out more!

CBD Oil Risks: Anxiety

You might be surprised to find anxiety on our list of CBD oil risks. Because CBD is often talked about as an effective TREATMENT for anxiety. And that’s true! In SOME cases. But in SOME cases, people experience increased anxiety while using CBD oil. We don’t know for sure what causes some people to react differently to CBD oil. It’s kind of like how different people respond differently to THC. But being careful and conscious about your CBD dosing is a good way to minimize CBD oil risks.

CBD Oil Risks: Drowsiness

On the opposite end of the CBD oil risks spectrum is drowsiness. Again, this can be confusing because for SOME people CBD oil can actually enhance their energy and focus. However, other people use CBD oil to help them sleep, especially in higher doses. And like most things that help people sleep, that means CBD could cause you some drowsiness. Obviously, if you’re looking for a sleep aid, this isn’t a problem! But if you find out you’re the kind of person who gets drowsy from CBD oil, it might be best to pass on it when you know you’ll have to be out and about, even though it has no psychoactive effects.

CBD Oil Risks: Nausea

We know we keep saying this, but that’s because it’s true. It’s a bit mind boggling that this is on our list of CBD oil risks, because CBD oil can also be used to MINIMIZE nausea. Again, it’s all about being conscious of how CBD affects YOU personally and dosing accordingly! It could be that CBD oil isn’t for you. But more than likely, it’s just that you need to find the right dose! And the right formulation for your needs!

Other Concerns

There are a few CBD oil risks that have less to do with CBD itself and more to do with the business practices surrounding it and the proper usage of CBD oil.

  • Pregnant Women May Want To Think Twice| The American Academy of Pediatrics cautions pregnant women against the use of marijuana, which is where CBD comes from. And using CBD oil while pregnant MIGHT make it easier for toxins and other substances to permeate the placenta and reach the fetus.
  • Potential THC Content| Because CBD comes from marijuana or hemp plants, one of the CBD oil risks is that there will be some amount of THC in it. If you’re a user of THC, this probably won’t be a problem! But THC does have some potential side effects including short and long term effects on memory, attention, mood, and mental health.
  • Take Labels With A Grain Of Salt| One study performed in 2017 by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that almost 70% of all CBD products sold online are incorrectly labeled. So make sure you’re buying from a reputable source, and make sure to ALWAYS start with a very low dose when you’re trying a new CBD oil. That’s the best way to minimize CBD oil risks!

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