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#VapeLife: The Benefits Of CBD Oil Vaping

We love CBD. Obviously. We write about it for a living. And we bet you love CBD, too! We figure it’s a pretty safe bet if you’re visiting this page. And BECAUSE we love CBD, we’re always looking for new ways to get our dose! And we BET you are too! Have you tried vaping? Do you even know what vaping is? We’re here to answer it all! And you’ll be glad we did, because there are TONS of CBD oil vape benefits. You might be missing out BIG TIME and not even know it!

What Is Vaping?

Maybe you’ve heard of vaping, and maybe you associate it with nicotine replacement vape pens for cigarette smokers! But CBD oil vapes are totally different. Vaping works by delivering the CBD to your bloodstream through your lungs. And because it’s vaporizing the CBD oil, it’s not like inhaling smoke! CBD vape cartridges are widely available and can be attached to any universal vape battery. You can also buy CBD vape models with refillable tanks that you fill with your own CBD oil. Either way, you’ll be reaping the CBD oil vape benefits!

CBD Oil Vape Benefits

There are tons of reasons that vaping is one of our favorite ways to dose CBD. Here are a few of the biggest CBD oil vape benefits:

  • It Works FAST| When you vape CBD, it takes effect faster than if you took a CBD oil orally or in an edible. That’s because vaping takes your digestive system out of the equation. Lots of people feel the CBD oil vape benefits mere minutes after taking their first puff, versus hours. This makes it great for people who suffer from short-term anxiety attacks and pain flare-ups that need relief quickly!
  • It’s Pure| Compared to other forms of CBD, you’re more likely to be getting the purest product with CBD oil vapes. Most are made with just pure CBD and vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
  • Easy To Dose| Most CBD vape oil comes in a variety of potency levels from 25 mg to 4,000 mg a bottle. You can choose how high of a dose works for you, and adjust accordingly! Want a stronger effect during a certain time of day? No worries, just switch up what you’re vaping! It’s easy to customize your CBD oil vape benefits.
  • It’s Discreet| Since CBD has no psychoactive effects, it’s totally okay to vape while driving or out and about. And since e-cigs are so popular, CBD vape pens provide a discreet way to get your CBD dose! There’s no reason to feel ashamed about taking CBD, but we understand that not everyone understands CBD oil vape benefits yet! So it doesn’t have to be everyone’s business!
  • Fun Flavors| The purest CBD vape oils obviously aren’t flavored with other things. BUT if you do fancy a yummy flavor in your CBD (maybe you’re usually a fan of CBD edibles or gummies), you can find CBD vape oils in all kinds of delicious flavors, from minty to fruity!

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