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CBD Vitamins: Are They Right For You?

Welcome to the wonderful world of CBD! If you’re visiting this page, chances are you’ve either ALREADY discovered the amazing benefits of CBD, or you’re thinking about trying it! And we’re excited for you either way. The rising popularity of CBD means that it’s now available in more formats than ever. And we love that! But it can hard to know which type of CBD is best for YOU. Oil? Vaping? Do CBD vitamins work? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here, we’ll break down whether or not CBD vitamins might be the best option for YOU!

How Do CBD Vitamins Work?

To put it simply, CBD vitamins work pretty much the same way any other CBD product does. And that’s by binding and activating different nervous receptors in the body. That’s a super sciencey mumbo jumbo way of saying that they work chemically inside the body to produce results! What kind of results? Here are just a few of the benefits that are reported from use of CBD and CBD vitamins:

But DO CBD vitamins work?? We don’t have a super definitive answer for you. Everyone’s body is different. But we CAN say that they do work for many! And that if other forms have CBD have worked for you in the past, CBD vitamins could be worth a try!

Do CBD Vitamins Work Well?

That seems like a loaded question to us! And again, we don’t have a super straight answer for you. Because it all depends on YOUR specific body chemistry. There are tons of studies available that show the potential benefits of CBD oil and vitamins. And the type of CBD that works well for you may NOT be the type of CBD that works well for the next person! But do CBD vitamins work? Yes! It may take some trial and error to find the best way to dose YOUR CBD, so don’t write off CBD entirely if the first type you try doesn’t work for you! In the next section, we’ll go deeper into your options!

Ways To Dose Your CBD

  • CBD Vitamins| This is what you came here for, because you wanted to know “Do CBD vitamins work?” And we’ve told you that overall, they do! CBD vitamins could come in the form of a simple capsule filled with CBD oil OR they could be a tasty gummy, like the vitamins you took when you were a kid! We like CBD vitamins because it’s easy to know how much you’re dosing, they’re discreet, and you can easily adjust your dose.
  • CBD Oil| Pure CBD oil is an ingredient in all CBD edibles and CBD vitamins, so if you’re a purist you may just want to dose using the oil! You can put CBD oil under your tongue or add it into teas, smoothies, etc. Know that if you mix CBD oil into food or a smoothie, it may take longer to take effect than if you put the oil directly under your tongue!
  • Vaping CBD| Another way to use CBD oil is by vaporizing it with a vape pen. It’s difficult to control how much you’re dosing with this method, but if you’re a smoker you may like the way it feels! And it’s a quick delivery system for fast-acting results.
  • CBD Edibles| CBD Edibles COULD include CBD gummy vitamins and the like, but it also includes snacks like chocolate, donuts, and cookies that have been infused with CBD. Again, these can be difficult to dose and they may take longer to take effect than other methods. But you can’t beat a yummy dessert WITH your dose!

So: Do CBD vitamins work? Why don’t you tell us! Try one or two of the CBD vitamins we’ve reviewed and tell us how YOU felt! We’re always looking to learn more, and we know you are too!

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