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One of the biggest concerns that people have before they start taking hemp or CBD oil is Does Hemp Oil Show Up In Drug Tests. It’s a reasonable question. Hemp is closely related to marijuana after all. When people hear hemp, a lot of them automatically think marijuana. No one wants to lose a job or be accused of taking drugs just because they took CBD for a legitimate condition. Today, we’ll answer the question Does Hemp Oil Show Up In Drug Tests. Before we get into it though, we’ll need to cover some basics.

Does CBD Show Up In Drug Tests – The Basics

In case you weren’t already aware, hemp and marijuana are closely related in the plant family, but they are NOT the same. The other thing you might need to know is that CBD (cannabidiol) and THC are also different. CBD is the compound in hemp that people use for health benefits, and THC is the compound in marijuana that people use to get high. THC is what shows up on the drug test. While there is THC in hemp, the concentration is significantly lower than in marijuana. While there are small amounts of THC in CBD and hemp oil, the amount is not enough to get someone high and/or appear on a drug test unless the oil is taken in extremely excessive amounts.

Does Hemp Oil Show Up I Drug Testing – The How and Why

  • THC is Removed (or Reduced) in CBD Oil – We already mentioned that hemp has lower concentrations of THC than marijuana, but CBD manufacturers go the extra mile to remove as much THC as possible during their filtration process. Why? Because they specifically don’t want you to fail a drug test or get high. That would put their product at risk.
  • Drug Tests Look For a Certain Concentration of THC – And that concentration has to be set at a reasonable limit. If the limit was literally any THC in your urine, false positives would be so abundant, almost no one would pass the tests. Instead the limit is typically set at a point that would indicate someone smoked marijuana to get high within a relatively short timeframe. To read more about drug tests, click here.
  • 1000+ mg of CBD Oil Could Cause a False Positive – A typical dose of CBD oil might be anywhere between 1mg and 50mg. If you took of 1000mg, you did something wrong. At that point, you’ve taken so much that the trace amounts of THC still left in the CBD oil might be high enough to cause you to fail a drug test. This is theory. We weren’t able to find anyone that this has actually happened to… mostly because it would be insane to take that much CBD at once.

Does Hemp Oil Show Up In Drug Tests – Conclusion

The short answer to the question is probably not. Theoretically, it could, but if you’re taking enough CBD to get it to happen, you should probably reevaluate why you’re taking it in the first place. There’s nothing forcing you to take that much CBD, and you’ve gone a little off the rails. If you are at all concerned about hemp oil showing up on a drug test, most major pharmacies sell at-home drug tests. You’re more than welcome to take some, drug test yourself and draw your own conclusions. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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