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Is CBD Classified As A Drug?: What You Need To Know

CBD is all over the news right now. And chances are you or people you know are already experiencing the benefits of CBD for themselves. But is CBD a drug? How can you make sure that you’re legally protected while using CBD? And what are the implications of using CBD? We’ll guide you through all of this and more in this article where we hope to answer YOUR most asked question: Is CBD a drug?

What Exactly IS A Drug?

The first step in answering “is CBD a drug?”  is to look at how the FDA defines a drug. They define a drug as “A substance recognized by official pharmacopoeia or formulary. A substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. A substance (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body.”

Ok So…Is CBD A Drug?

Well, there isn’t exactly an easy answer to this one. Technically, in the US, non-FDA approved CBD products are classified as Schedule I Drugs. However, many CBD products today are made from “non-viable hemp material”, which is hemp that contains less than .3% THC. Many people argue that CBD made from this low THC hemp source is legal in all 50 states due to the 2014 Farm Bill. We know this sounds like a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. And it is. The simplest answer we can give you: do your research. State and city laws vary, so research the laws for your area specifically before seeking out CBD products. Click here to find a chart of State Medical Marijuana Laws for Low THC/High CBD Products.

Does This Mean My Mom Is Taking Drugs!?

No!!! Just because some types of CBD are classified as drugs in the US, the same thing could be said for Tylenol! CBD’s classification as a drug (or not) has nothing to do with its mind-altering capabilities. Because CBD doesn’t HAVE any psychoactive properties. Is CBD a drug? We suppose technically yes. But don’t let the label of “drug” mislead you. While it’s true that all drugs should be used responsibly and with caution, not all drugs are dangerous! In the FDA’s eyes, a drug and a medicine could be one and the same!

I’m Still Confused!

It’s okay! It can be confusing. In fact, we still don’t find it super easy to answer when people ask us “is CBD a drug?” Because CBD is relatively new to the mainstream, the law seems to still be figuring out exactly how to classify this substance. You should keep your eyes open for changing news in the country and in your state. And chances are an employee at a reputable smoke shop or health food store that sells CBD products near you wouldn’t mind educating you on the laws in YOUR area. CBD has benefitted a lot of people. But don’t get burned by not knowing the law! And enjoy CBD responsibly!!

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