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The two most well-known ways to ingest CBD oil are vaping and oils. Sure, there are also gummies, but when people think of CBD products, it always seems to be oil and vaping that they’re talking about. Today, we’re going to tell you about different Kinds of CBD Edibles. If you’re one of the many people out there that feel like the oil is too strong tasting and vaping is just for employees sitting behind a GameStop, then check out some of the types of products we’re going to mention here.

Everyone deserves the kinds of benefits that people take CBD products for, and with the rising popularity of CBD, manufacturers have been finding new and interesting way to deliver it. The different Kinds of CBD Edibles out there may surprise you. No matter who you are, we’re sure that you can find a product that’s to your taste. Let’s dive right in!

What Kind of Variety is There?

The short answer is a lot. For starters, it’s not just CBD oil that can be added to edibles. From the oil, you can also make CBD butter very easily. Check out our guide to Make CBD Edibles at Home to learn more about that. That guide will tell you how to make some simple edibles in the privacy of your own home. However, some companies are pretty ambitious with the Kinds of CBD edibles they’re making. If you’re looking for something pretty unique, check out the list below.

Kinds of CBD Edibles

  • Gummies – We’ll start simple. Most people are aware of CBD gummies. When it comes to edibles, they’re the first thing everyone seems to find. You can find them in bear form, worms, fruit slices, and a ton of other shapes with just as many flavors!
  • Chocolates – Yes, science has finally gotten us to the point where CBD can be manufactured into chocolates. We haven’t found a better cure for the common cold than chicken soup and Sprite, but you can get your CBD in truffle form. If you’re looking to be romantic and healthy, check out CBD chocolates
  • Coffee and Tea – They’ve managed to do it. You can have CBD in coffee and tea. If you barely want to be aware that you’re even taking CBD, consider picking up a bag of CBD infused coffee or tea and just drink a cup in the morning! It’s as easy as that!
  • Honey – Honey has a thousand uses, and with CBD, it has even more. When you buy CBD honey, you’re not only supporting your own health, but many of the companies that make it also are helping to preserve the honey bee. They’re small; they’re important, and it’s good to support your local honey producer, CBD or not.
  • Elixers – For the record, we don’t usually hear the word Elixir outside of Dungeons and Drgaons sessions. It’s basically just a fancy way of saying sparkling water in the real world. They come in a variety of flavors. Just pick your favorite La Croix flavor, and we’re sure you can find a comparable CBD product.
  • Bitters – If you don’t know what bitters are, they’re commonly added to various cocktails to add flavor. If you’re a fancy cocktail drinker, odds are you have had bitters. Now, you can get that same flavor boost but the added benefits of CBD!

Kinds of CBD Edibles | Which One is Right for You?

Only you can answer that question. With the evolving market for CBD products we’re sure there will be even more Kinds of CBD edibles coming in the near future. If one of the ones we listed above looks good, it’s all just a quick internet search away!

Thanks for reading our Kinds of CBD Edibles Guide! While you’re here, check out our CBD for Starters guide!

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