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When it comes to CBD, you’ve probably heard of just about every administration method.  From CBD supplements, to CBD gummies, to CBD dog treats, there’s truly something for everybody.  But, in one of our recent product reviews, we realized that there are still more types of CBD products out there that we haven’t covered on our site yet.  So, we wanted to do a little bit more homework.  Today, we’re going to be asking the question, What are CBD Wax Dabs?  And, we’re going to be answering that question, too.  We also hope we’ll be able to answer some other questions you might have about wax dabs.  Strap in!

So, What ARE CBD Wax Dabs?

If you’re still not entirely familiar with the concept of CBD to begin with, we’ll give you a quick, one-paragraph reminder.  (Otherwise, feel free to check out other articles on our site for more information.)  Basically, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a compound in cannabis.  It is NOT the same as Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  Basically, THC is psychoactive and may cause issues like anxiety.  CBD is kind of the opposite, being non-psychoactive and generally considered as an anti-anxiety compound.  There is at least one study out there on humans that suggests this reputation for CBD being “anti-anxiety” as some merit.

As far as CBD Wax Dabs go, this is just one more administration method for CBD.  But, it’s pretty unique.  Unlike supplements and gummies, which you ingest, CBD Wax Dabs are actually for inhalation.  But, it’s not quite a vape pen, either.  Vape pens take CBD from a liquid state into a gaseous state.  Whereas, CBD Wax Dabs actually take CBD from a solid to a liquid to a gas, very quickly.  Usually, it comes in a little tin, not unlike solid lip balm.  And, it can be very concentrated.  So, a little wax dab goes a long way.  Now, there are different ways to use CBD Wax Dabs, so let’s talk about those.

How To Use CBD Wax Dabs

We’ve seen at least three ways in which you can use CBD Wax Dabs.  One of them involves a somewhat-complex setup with a multi-chambered glass contraption.  Then, you basically smear a little wax on a super-heated plate (some people heat the plate with a blowtorch) and inhale the resulting gas.  You could maybe liken it to a hookah.

Another way to use CBD Wax Dabs is to use your own glass straw which you heat, again, with a blow-torch, just on the end.  Then, you touch the end of the blow torch to the wax dab, thereby melting the wax quickly.  And, you then inhale the fumes.  This method may be the only thing that is available for some people, especially those on a budget.

The last way that we’ve heard of CBD Wax Dabs getting used is through an actual CBD wax pen.  Some purveyors of CBD Wax Dabs may have them for sale.  One company we’ve reviewed recently definitely has them.  We’re guessing the pros of this method are that it would be convenient for you, and potentially a little safer.  However, we’ve never seen this method in action.  So, if you do decide to invest in a CBD wax pen, you might be shelling out an extra fifty or sixty bucks.  It would be a good idea to ask people you know who have used CBD Wax Dabs if they also use a pen.

Why Do CBD Wax Dabs Exist?

So, here’s a great question: why do these things even exist?  What is the purpose of administering CBD via wax dab?  Well, CBD Wax Dabs got their start as far back as perhaps the 1940s.  Unfortunately, their initial use wasn’t so great.  When the U.S. government had a biochemical interrogation program, the man who controlled the program gave tobacco cigarettes laced with hash oil and LSD to unsuspecting prisoners to get information.  But, that’s far from how we use CBD Wax Dabs today.  Today, they’re just a compact, convenient way to use CBD.

Who Would Use CBD Wax Dabs?

There could be several reasons why people choose to use CBD Wax Dabs, and CBD Wax Dab pens, over other forms of CBD administration.  For example, the idea of CBD gummies is nice, but there are few brands that offer gelatin-free gummies.  Additionally, some people may like the idea of inhaling CBD, but don’t like the idea of vaping with a vape pen.  Or, you may want to be able to take your CBD on the road, and using an oil could be too messy.  So, people who like convenience and concentration in their product may find they prefer CBD Wax Dabs to other CBD administration methods.

How Can I Find CBD Wax Dabs?

At the moment, we know of at least one company that currently sells CBD Wax Dabs.  Check out some of our recent company reviews to find out which one!  However, because dabs are actually pretty popular, we’re guessing that you could find your own purveyor of CBD Wax Dabs pretty easily.  Additionally, if you live in a place where CBD or cannabis shops are a thing, you could check in with those shops to see if they carry any such thing.  However, some states may also offer certain types of wax dabs for medicinal purposes.  So, you may also be able to ask your doctor about using dabs.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBD administration methods, or maybe just checking out some of the Best CBD Dog Treats, make sure you hit up some of our other articles.  Or, if you’re looking for products online, then check out some of the recommendations we’ve got lined up above, below, and to the side of this article.  And, don’t forget that here at CBD Cop, we’ve got the details you want to know about CBD, hemp oils, cannabis, and more.  Thank you for reading CBD Cop!  We hope you stop back soon for more product reviews, helpful articles, and opinions!

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