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There are over 100 compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Most people know some of these cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. As are their effects of reduced anxiety, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. But, what about the other cannabinoids? What about the effects they have on the body, and their potential benefits? Hey, great question. Cannabigerol is another cannabinoid that is definitely worth knowing. But, exactly what is cannabigerol?

Explaining What Is Cannabigerol

The question “What is cannabigerol?” is not a small one. Most people have never heard of cannabigerol. Which, makes sense since THC and CBD typically take center stage. Cannabigerol, or CBG, is actually what THC and CBD start out as. It is a chemical parent of the two most popular cannabinoids. The cannabis plant produces cannabigerolic acid and then specific enzymes in the plant break down the acid, directing it toward one of three lines. It then becomes the more well-known cannabinoids CBD and THC.

What Is Cannabigerol Beneficial For?

The exact answer to what is cannabigerol beneficial for isn’t quite straight forward. Scientists have conducted some research on the matter, but it’s certainly an area that needs far more backing and evidence. However, the more consumer and public interest lands on cannabigerol, and the more people ask what is cannabigerol, the more research will go into knowing this cannabinoid better. The research that has been conducted on cannabigerol has shown that the potential benefits are linked to neuroprotective effects, antidepressant properties and a potent antioxidant. The therapeutic benefits linked to both THC and CBD aren’t far off from the benefits of this cannabinoid. So, this may be the one for you.

Cannabigerol has mostly been regarded as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, but technically, this needs more research as well. And, since Cannabigerol is minor cannabinoid in pretty much all varieties of cannabis, finding Cannabigerol can be difficult. However, strains containing more Cannabigerol are typically extracted from budding cannabis plants about three-quarters of the way through flowering.

If you are curious of trying products with higher amounts of cannabigerol, then CBD products might be the way to go. CBD products, or higher CBD strains, typically have a higher concentration of the essential cannabinoid cannabigerol. Just as, strains that contain a high amount of THC usually contain very low amounts of cannabigerol.

The Final Hit On, What Is Cannabigerol

The biggest things to take away from the “What is cannabigerol?” question are:

  1. One of the first cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant is cannabigerol.
  2. It is what creates the cannabinoids THC and CBD.
  3. In cannabis and hemp products, it’s typically not a potent compound.
  4. The cannabigerol abbreviation is CBG.

Knowing ‘what is cannabigerol’ is something that’s great to know. Even though it’s not carried much in cannabis or hemp products, it is a crucial cannabinoid to know about, especially, if you are trying to dig more into cannabis plant knowledge, and products. And now, you’ll have the answer the next time someone asks what is cannabigerol. Spread the word!

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