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The Lesser Known Cannabinoid: What is Cannabinol?

Cannabis and hemp have been a controversial topic. Are they good, are they bad? It’s been the golden, or green, question. But, the therapeutic benefits of cannabis compounds are getting more attention than ever before. Ongoing research is digging into cannabis compounds, revealing new, positive information. But, this is no easy feat. There are over 100 compounds, or cannabinoids. You’ve probably heard of the main cannabinoids, THC and CBD. These are the most popular cannabinoids. THC is the compound associated with the high drastic psychoactive effects, or the “high” feeling. CBD is the popular compound that delivers calming and relaxing benefits without the “high” that THC provides.

But, there is another big cannabinoid that takes a backseat to THC and CBD. This cannabinoid is CBN, or Cannabinol. What is cannabinol, though? You probably haven’t heard much about cannabinol. THC and CBD have definitely taken the main stage. But, it’s time to give cannabinol the spotlight, so let’s answer that, “What is cannabinol?”, question.

What Is Cannabinol?

There is a reason that cannabinol (CBN) has taken the backseat as a cannabinoid. It’s been assumed that cannabinol is a less potent version of THC. Its presence in cannabis flowers is minimal, and it certainly is less potent than THC. But, this doesn’t mean that cannabinol doesn’t have its purpose, and its benefits. So, what is cannabinol and what are the benefits it provides?

A big benefit of cannabinol is its powerful sedative effects. It is actually the most sedative known cannabinoid. So, if any company is pushing a cannabinol product, they are using the sedative effects as a selling point. But, what is cannabinol used for past the sedative effects? There are a couple other benefits linked to this cannabinoid. They include:

Appetite Stimulation

Reduced Anxiety

Pain Relief, and

Antibacterial Capabilities

Cannabinol is also a great option for those who are sensitive to the potency of THC. So, if there are people taking cannabinol (CBN), then there must be cannabinol products out there, but what is cannabinol in?

What is Cannabinol: The Products

The more information that’s coming out about cannabinol, the more it’s being included in various capsules, edibles and oils. Products that have higher amounts of cannabinol in them will definitely have it labeled as so. If you have found that THC makes you more anxious than relaxed, then cannabinol could be the cannabinoid for you. Remember though, cannabinol is a cannabis compound, which still has some legality issues around it. Make sure to check out the specific laws where you live to see where cannabinol stands.

The, What Is Cannabinol, Takeaway

While there’s definitely been ongoing research on this whole, what is cannabinol, topic, more research is still needed. There could be even more uses for cannabinol than we currently know. What we do know is that cannabinol is starting to garner attention along with THC and CBD. It is a less potent version of THC and it has strong sedative effects. The more focused therapeutic medical claims need more backing. However, now when someone asks you, “What is cannabinol?”, you’ll know exactly what to say.

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