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Have you heard of the new 7 Hemp CBD Oil? Now you have! Today we are discussing this new water soluble hemp cbd oil and what it is all about. These new CBD and Hemp products are hitting the market much faster than we are able to deal with them. But hopefully we can cover some of the main products on our site so you have some reference points. 7 Hemp CBD Oil claims an 85% absorption rate, numerous health benefits, and efficient quality. We will analyze all of these claims and more. We will also give you some general information on CBD, hemp, and the differences between them. If you are not already familiar with these topics, you can skip to the lower paragraphs to read about CBD.

Update 2019: The initial hype for 7 Hemp Oil CBD isn’t as lasting as we hoped. While their products seem to look great, we haven’t seen any user reviews for their products that echo that appearance. We hope to see more coverage of 7 Hemp Oil products in 2019, but we’re not holding our breath.

7 Hemp CBD Oil is a new product designed for a variety of uses. CBD has become really popular lately, and a lot of people are wondering why. If you want to get in on the action, but you want to do your research first, this is the place to be. CBD Cop is dedicated to giving you the best and most up-to-date information regarding current CBD products and research. You can check out our CBD mega guide, which is really helpful for those of you who are just learning about CBD for the first time. Today we are focused on 7 Hemp CBD Oil. This is a manufacturer that has a variety of products for sale. We will go over each of these in further detail. If you want to check out some of our other articles on CBD safety or CBD legality, follow this link. 

What Is 7 Hemp CBD Oil?

7 Hemp CBD Oil is not one product, but a whole line of CBD and hemp products produced in different varieties, forms, and flavors. That means you can pick out the most appealing CBD product just for you. Currently in the shopping cart are two different hemp oils. One is a 7-day .5 oz. bottle, and the other is a 1 oz. bottle. When you decide which one you’d prefer, you can choose between two flavors: cinnamon or wild berry. The bigger bottle costs $120, while the smaller travel size costs $30. If you are a first-time with CBD, you might want to try the smaller version first and see how it goes.

The 1 oz. bottle of 7 Hemp CBD Oil contains 30 servings, meaning that it will last you about a month. It contains 400 mg of full spectrum hemp cbd oil, and a range of other ingredients:

  • Purzorb
  • Water
  • Vegetable Stearate
  • Monk Fruit
  • Xylitol and Stevia
  • Natural Flavors
  • Natural Colors
  • Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Sorbate

7 Hemp CBD Oil Price

As mentioned above, the price for the 30-day bottle is fairly expensive, especially for first-time users. Right now, 7 Hemp CBD Oil is now offering a special introduction price: $99.56 per bottle. While it’s still expensive, it at least gives you a little bit of savings for your first bottle.

7 Hemp CBD Oil: What Is CBD?

A lot of people have been asking what CBD is and where it comes from. For a detailed account of CBD, read this comprehensive guide. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis sativa plant. It is one of hundreds of compounds in the cannabis plant. About a hundred of these are called cannabinoids. One of these is THC, a psychoactive compound used in recreational use of marijuana. CBD is non-psychoactive, however, which is why it’s being used in some of these new products. Some studies even suggest that CBD may be a therapeutic treatment for people with social anxiety.

7 Hemp CBD Oil: Common Uses

So we know that CBD, or cannabidiol, is being heavily researched and it may have health benefits. So why is it a popular product, and what are common uses of this chemical compound? According to some manufacturers, including 7 Hemp CBD Oil, CBD helps regulate or affect the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This system regulates things like appetite, sleep, some inflammatory responses, and relaxation. The theory then is that CBD helps promote stress relief and reduce inflammation. There are two kinds of endocannabinoid receptors in your body, called the CB1 and CB2, and they are present in the brain and immune system. So while many CBD manufacturers claim that CBD relieves pain, reduces inflammation and anxiety, and suppresses appetite, these benefits are still being tested. One study also suggests that CBD may help cannabis-dependent subjects on cognitive function.

7 Hemp CBD Oil: Is It Legal?

As mentioned before, CBD is different than THC. THC is a psychoactive compound, while CBD is not and does not alter brain chemistry. You might think that CBD is perfectly legal. After all, it’s the psychoactive nature of THC that has prompted legislation banning it in some places. Well, CBD is in fact legal in all 50 states. But it also depends on how the CBD was derived. If the CBD was derived from marijuana, there may be statutes forbidding its sale and possession where you are. CBD derived from Hemp, on the other hand, has no legal restrictions. You can easily find the rules and regulations surrounding CBD online.

7 Hemp CBD Oil Return Policy

If you are looking around at CBD products, and you aren’t really sure which one to try, you might also check the return policy. You really don’t want to get stuck on a trial that you can’t get out of. As for Purhealth RX Hemp Oil, the policy is that you can return only unused products within 30 days of purchase. As you can see, there is also no money-back guarantee, so you want to keep that in mind as well.

How To Order 7 Hemp CBD Oil

It’s really easy to order 7 Hemp CBD Oil. The ordering page is like most shopping-cart style sites that you have probably seen. If you do a search online for the company website, you can find it easily. Then decide which products appeal to you. Choose size, number, flavor, and enter your address and credit card information, and that’s it! Be sure CBD is right for you before buying. You can also read other articles and reviews on our daily-updated site. Enjoy!

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