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If you’re following us here on CBD Cop, the chances are that you already know SOMETHING about CBD, or Cannabidiol.  But, maybe you don’t know as much as you’d like to about this intriguing ingredient.  And, maybe you have no idea how to apply what you DO know to products that you may want to buy.  Of course, it doesn’t help that there is a plethora of different CBD products out there.  We’ve seen everything from CBD gummies to CBD for pets.  And, of course, CBD oil is one of the big ones.  So, we try to give you product and company reviews for CBD and hemp products.  Today we are bringing you our Bluebird Botanicals Review.  Keep reading to learn more about this company and their products.

Update 2019: After updating our review for BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolate, we thought it would be good to circle back and talk here too. One of the things that we’ve grown to appreciate about Bluebird Botanicals is that they’re ran by honest to goodness people. If you want to support a good business while getting a good product, this seems to be a wise choice. If you’re looking for the best cbd oil, there might be better options available. But at this price point, we can’t complain with what Blue Bird Botanicals has to offer.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: No High?

If you’re new to our site, you may not know that there are products out there that come from cannabis but really make you high.  Because, most of what you hear about in the media is THC, the cannabinoid compound that does have psychoactive effects.  That’s in marijuana – cannabis with a higher THC concentration.  But, in our Bluebird Botanicals Review, we’re going to be looking at cannabis with a lower THC concentration, which people usually call hemp.  And, we’ll be looking at products that shouldn’t get you high.  Because, Bluebird Botanicals seems to work with hemp, rather than marijuana.  So, that’s what we’re going to be focusing on with our Bluebird Botanicals Review.

Before we get into our Bluebird Botanicals Review, we also want to briefly talk about the difference between CBD and THC.  As you know, THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is psychoactive.  That means it affects your mind.  And, it can potentially alter your perception, mood, or behavior.  However, CBD, or Cannabidiol, isn’t like that.  And, scientists have been looking into the benefits of Cannabidiol, especially recently.  In fact, the 2016 fiscal year alone showed millions of dollars going toward research on CBD.  So, while these cannabinoids both exist in the same plant, they’re very different.  If you want to learn more about CBD, you can check out other articles on our site.  Now, let’s get into the Bluebird Botanicals Review!

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Hemp VS CBD

If you’ve already tried searching out CBD products before coming to CBD Cop, you might have noticed something.  CBD is actually harder to find than you might think.  It may be due to some of the confusing laws surrounding CBD.  (If you want to know more, you can check out our article on whether CBD is technically legal or not.)  In any case, we notice that a lot of companies stick to hemp products.  So, what’s the difference – they come from the same plant, right?  The answer is yes, they do, but sometimes not the same part of the plant.  For example, if you see something list “hemp oil” or “hempseed oil” in the ingredients, the oil probably comes from the seed.

In our quest to find out more about Bluebird Botanicals for our Bluebird Botanicals Review, we noticed that some of their chief products are hemp, but they do say in their FAQ that their CBD Isolate is over 99% pure CBD.  However, you’ll likely notice a big price difference between hemp products and CBD isolate products.  So, just keep that in mind as you read our Bluebird Botanicals Review.  And, keep that in mind as you look at other hemp and CBD products online.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Classic Hemp Extract

In looking up this company for our Bluebird Botanicals Review, one of the first things we saw is that they use hemp that is bred to have the highest concentration of cannabinoids.  So, with this hemp oil, which they call the “Classic,” you’re getting 250 or more milligrams of cannabinoids per fluid ounce.  They describe the product as hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil.  And, for a one-ounce bottle, it’s a little under $25.  However, we will also say in our Bluebird Botanicals Review that if you want to try all three types of their hemp oils (the Classic, the Complete, and the Signature), you can buy all three types in 10 mL sample bottles for $24.95 (current price).

Bluebird Botanicals Review: CBD Isolate

All right, if you’re searching for CBD specifically in our Bluebird Botanicals Review, then this is the product you’re looking for.  Bluebird Botanicals advertises this product as 96%-99% pure isolated Cannabidiol.  And, they say that a 3rd party lab tests their products for their cannabinoid percentages.  Here’s the thing.  We mentioned that CBD is on the expensive side.  Well, a 2-gram container of the Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate is going to set you back almost three times what the one-ounce bottle of hemp oil costs – nearly $75.  However, if you’ve got a small fortune to your name, you could always go for the bulk CBD Isolate.  A 250-gram container will set you back $5,000.  And, if you want to go for the 1,000-gram container, you could throw down $17,500.  You might have to go smash that piggy bank.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: The Conclusion

On the whole, Bluebird Botanicals does offer some nice products, and they do offer what appears to be a true CBD Isolate.  Just keep in mind that the expensive products are probably more expensive for a reason.  CBD products will generally cost quite a bit more than hemp products do.  However, if you have questions about this company, in general or based on our Bluebird Botanicals Review, the good news is that their site is pretty navigable.  Their homepage gives you a phone number you can call to reach their team between 9-5 Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.  Bluebird Botanicals is based out of Colorado, but they claim to be able to ship anywhere in the country.

If you have other questions after reading our Bluebird Botanicals Review (that you don’t necessarily want to call them about), they also have an FAQ section where you can read some more information about them and their company.  So, we hope you enjoyed this Bluebird Botanicals Review.  If you want more information about CBD, keep clicking around our site.  Or, if you want to see a few of our favorite products, take a click at the lineup below.  Thank you for reading CBD Cop and our Bluebird Botanicals Review!

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