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CBD Oil Vs. Hemp Oil: What’s The Difference?

CBD is everywhere these days. And CBD oil is an especially popular format because it’s flexible, convenient, discreet, and easy to use. And maybe you’ve seen hemp oil advertised or on the shelves of your local smoke shop as well. But is there a difference between CBD oil or hemp oil? And what is it? Today, we’re out to help you answer that question so that YOU can always be using the oil that fits your needs the best!

It can be confusing to try to figure out if what you’re buying is CBD oil or hemp oil. And even more confusing to know which you’re even looking for! Not to mention concerns about legality. The laws can be confusing? If hemp is legal in your state, does that mean CBD is? It can be such a mess! But we’re going to try to make it simple for you to understand the difference between these two beneficial oils. And help you figure out which one YOU should be shopping around for!


Most CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants that have been specifically bred to have high levels of CBD. These plants generally still have a very low or nonexistent THC content, meaning they won’t have any psychoactive effects. CBD oil or hemp oil both make great alternatives to marijuana for those who want to reap the benefits of this plant but don’t want to be high for this reason! Some CBD oil contains THC, however, so you want to make sure that you’re checking labels carefully. That’s actually true whether you’re shopping for CBD oil or hemp oil. Formulations can vary for either of these oils, and different plants have different concentrations of THC vs. CBD, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re buying!

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant (pretty self explanatory, we know). Usually, hemp is a form of cannabis that’s used for more industrial purposes. Hemp has lower levels of THC and CBD than other types of cannabis. The important thing to know about hemp oil is that the seeds don’t contain any THC. Which means that the oil pressed from hemp seeds doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. CBD oil or hemp oil COULD contain THC from other parts of the plant, but these products are required to be labeled as such. If your hemp oil doesn’t say it contains THC, that means it WON’T get you high. But it does have lots of other great benefits, which we’ll get into in the next section!

CBD Oil Or Hemp Oil: Which To Choose?

If you’re looking for any of THESE benefits, CBD oil is probably the choice for you:

If you’re looking for any of THESE benefits, Hemp oil is probably the best choice for you:

  • High In Fatty Acids
  • Anti-Aging Skin Moisturizer
  • Hair Hydration
  • Soothing Psoriasis
  • Lowering Cholesterol

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