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CBD Vape Oil Side Effects: A Good Question

When it comes to CBD Vape Oil Side Effects, you first want to consider side effects from vaping in general. Vaping any substance brings with it certain risks whether it is CBD oil or nicotine. However, this study concludes that “cannavaping” is a gentle and efficient way to administer medicinal cannabis products like CBD oil. While vaporizing has long been seen as a good alternative to smoking, side effects are still something to consider. Certainly, CBD Vape Oil Side Effects are something to think about since CBD oil is becoming more and more popular. “Vape pens” are becoming increasingly popular among e-cigarette users, medical cannabis users, and CBD uses alike. The safety of the liquid cartridges is relevant. How do you know what exactly you’re inhaling? To have a good understanding of CBD Vape Oil Side Effects, it’s important to first understand how these cartridges work.

CBD Vape Oil Side Effects: What’s Up With The Vape Pen?

The hidden downside to vape pens involve the fact that they are battery operated and contain heating mechanisms which, at high temperatures, can transform solvents, flavoring properties, and other vape oil additives into dangerous toxins and carcinogens. One concern for CBD Vape Oil Side Effects should therefore be propylene glycol. Many people’s vape pens cartridges contain propylene glycol mixed with hemp or cannabis oil. It is a thinning compound with a syrupy consistency and is also a main ingredient in most nicotine based, e-cigarette formulas. When used at high temperatures, propylene glycol turns into polymers that can damage lung tissue. This is the reason that some medicinal cannabis users with lung problems like asthma report worsening symptoms when using vape pens as opposed to traditional smoking methods of using cannabis. There is research to back up this phenomenon like this study that shows how propylene glycol circulation indoors can exacerbate asthma.

CBD Vape Oil Side Effects: The Takeaway

Propylene glycol causes some CBD Vape Oil Side Effects. Other CBD Vape Oil Side Effects may involve side effects that you get from CBD oil in general, like sleepiness and fatigue. This means that the side effects from the vape pen itself are more significant than general CBD oil side effects. Basically, propylene glycol isn’t new or uncommon. Products like baby wipes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, antifreeze, pet food, etc. use it. The FDA has deemed propylene glycol safe for topical application and ingestion, but maybe not for inhaling. So when considering CBD Vape Oil Side Effects, the most important one to think about is how inhaling chemicals in the cartridge will affect your immediate health (like breathing) and long term health (side effects TBD). To be safe, consider ingesting CBD oil as an alternative to vaping.

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