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CBD Vaporizer Oil: One CBD Option

So, CBD caught your interest! Maybe you’ve already tried CBD products or perhaps you are new to the world of CBD. Welcome! CBD Vaporizer Oil is one way to use CBD. CBD Vaporizer Oil is different from other CBD oils which are typically made to be ingested. And, CBD Vaporizer Oil provides a different experience by giving you an alternative way of administering CBD. Just like e-cigarettes, CBD Vaporizer Oil is used in a vape pen. Instead of ingesting, you inhale this CBD oil. With vaping, the effects of CBD hit your system faster than ingesting. This is typically seen as the major benefit to vaping vs. ingesting. You may want your CBD to be faster-acting to help with immediate anxiety or insomnia relief, for instance. The effects wear off faster when inhaled vs. ingested. But, for some, this is preferable to having CBD linger in the system for up to 12 hours like when you ingest CBD. Ingesting CBD may be more appropriate for people using it for chronic pain who benefit from a more continuous, steady dosing. It’s person preference depending on what you want to get from CBD.

Ingesting Oil Versus Vaping: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between CBD Vaporizer Oil and other CBD oils is that CBD Vaporizer Oil is used in a vape pen and inhaled instead of ingested. There are pros and cons to both methods of administration. When you vape CBD oil, it hits your system faster than ingesting it. That’s because when you ingest CBD oil, it takes time for it to digest and work on your system. By contrast, when you vaporize CBD oil, it hits your system almost immediately. The reason behind that is your lungs’ delicate tissue absorbs it upon contact. When you use CBD Vaporizer Oil, you’ll feel it affect you almost instantly (within 30-120 seconds). Ingesting CBD oil, by contrast, may take up to 45 minutes to work. There are also differences in how long you will feel the effects of CBD from ingesting CBD oil vs. inhaling it. When you vape CBD oil, the effects last between 2-6 hours whereas ingesting CBD oil can have you enjoying the benefits for up to 12 hours.

CBD Vaporizer Oil: The Takeaway

CBD Vaporizer Oil may be the right option for you if you are looking for something that is fast-acting. However, there are some dangers to vaping, regardless of whether you are using e-cigarettes or CBD oil cartridges. This is because vape pen cartridges often contain the chemical propylene glycol, a thinning compound, in their oil mixtures. You will want to check to see if there is propylene glycol in the CBD oil cartridges you want to use. Though science is no stranger to propylene glycol since it has a long history of use in products, using it as an inhalant is relatively new. There are documented dangers of inhaling propylene glycol which is one reason why some people respond negatively to vaping, especially those with asthma or other lung problems. All this said, there ARE CBD vape oil brands that contain no propylene glycol. An example is Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oil. You can do your own research to find other options for CBD Vaporizer Oil as well that does not contain the harmful chemical, propylene glycol.

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