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Hello, lovely CBD Cop readers.  If you’re familiar with our site already, you probably know that we’re constantly trying to make CBD – Cannabidiol – a no-brainer.  After all, if you’re not careful, it can seem pretty confusing.  But, that’s why we’re on a crusade to show people what this cannabinoid is all about (one article at a time).  Today, we’re going to be doing yet another product/company review, with Elixinol.  This is a company that has a variety of products.  And, we’re going to be talking about a handful of them today.  So, if you’re ready to learn more about CBD, strap in.  Just one heads-up: if you’re already really familiar with CBD, you can probably skip the next few paragraphs, where we’ll be covering the basics.

UPDATE 2019: One of the great things about covering new CBD Products is that we’re always seeing some of the best products out there as they’re launched. With Elixinol, we’ve found that their early efforts and subsequent branching outs have been very successful. Whether it’s their Sativa Hemp Skincare line, or their Pet Releaf cbd dog treats, they’ve hardly put a foot wrong on their path to CBD fortune. One of our favorite things about the company since we looked last is that they’re branching out into charity work, which really sets them apart from other companies we’ve covered. We’re excited to see what 2019 holds for Elixinol CBD and their products.

Elixinol CBD Versus THC

So, before we really get into this Elixinol review, we wanted to talk for a moment about the difference between CBD and THC.  Because, we don’t want you to be worried about reading about these products.  So, how are CBD and THC different?  Well, CBD is Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids in the plant cannabis.  So is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  However, the difference between these two compounds is pretty big.  After all, THC is that scary substance that you hear about giving people psychoactive effects when they use marijuana.  But, CBD is considered non-psychoactive.  And, it’s considered pretty safe across a variety of dosages and administration methods.  So, what does this have to do with companies and products like Elixinol?

Well, THC is a heavily regulated substance.  And, as you may already know, it’s illegal to grow or purchase marijuana (cannabis with higher THC levels) in many places.  However, hemp is a little different.  Hemp is cannabis, certainly, but it’s bred to have less THC.  So, when you see products from companies like Elixinol which advertise CBD or hemp, it’s usually with an extremely negligible amount of THC.  That means you shouldn’t need to worry about any psychoactive effects with products like these.  On the other hand, there are some supposed benefits of CBD and hemp oils.  We hope that clears up any confusion you might have had about Elixinol and CBD versus THC.

Elixinol Products

Okay, so let’s continue on with this Elixinol review.  We checked out the Elixinol website to see what kind of product variety we could see with this company.  And, we weren’t disappointed.  First of all, let us just say that we’ve seen a crazy variety of CBD and hemp products out there.  How much variety?  Well, honestly, there’s been everything from CBD gummies to CBD vape oil, from hemp dog treats to CBD chewing gum.  So, we’ve seen quite the variety.  And, there are eight different product categories on the Elixinol products page.  So, we’ve got CBD capsules, Hemp CBD oil tinctures, Hemp CBD oil liposomes, CBD oil oral applicators, CBD topical balms, CBD tinctures for nasal application, hemp seed and protein powder packets, and CBD dog treats.

One thing that we want to say about Elixinol (and any other company, actually) is that you always want to make sure you’re looking at the product that you want.  Because, sometimes it’s confusing to tell the difference between CBD products and hemp products.  What’s the difference?  Well, CBD products actually contain Cannabidiol in some significant amount.  However, the presence of a lot of CBD, such as in CBD isolate, can mean that a product might be pretty expensive.  So, pay attention to the price, the ingredients, and other indicators.  Because, hemp products are awesome, but they may not have CBD – or at least as much as you wanted.

Elixinol CBD Topical Balms

We wanted to get started with the Elixinol CBD topical balms.  Because, while we’ve seen hemp and CBD topical creams and oils for topical application, we haven’t seen what Elixinol offers.  And, that’s CBD lip balm.  Honestly, it’s kind of funny that we don’t see more CBD lip balms – the idea seems pretty intuitive.  After all, your lips have pretty thin skin, and it can be a big gamble to put a lot of synthetic lip balms on them.  With Elixinol CBD lip balm, you’re getting a neutral taste and full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, according to the website.  And, while it’s going to put you out about $8 to get this product, that’s definitely not the most expensive lip product we’ve ever seen.  If you’re a CBD newbie, this might be a great place to start.

Elixinol CBD Pet Treats

We’ve done our own article on CBD dog treats, but there are six different varieties of Elixinol “Edibites,” or pet treats.  While they have all of these products under a pet treat category, upon closer inspection, they’re all formulated for dogs in their descriptions.  So, just keep that in mind if you’re looking for something for your feline companion.  However, we’re impressed by the different flavors.  We see carob and coconut, peanut butter and banana, kale and carrot, and blueberry cranberry.  So, whatever your pup likes, you might have an option for him.  Just keep in mind that you’re going to want to understand how many edibles your dog would take based on his weight.  According to Elixinol, each Edibite contains between 1 and 1.5 mg of CBD.  And, for that, you’re going to be paying about $24 per 30-piece bag.

Elixinol CBD Oil Liposomes

This intriguing product definitely caught our eye on the Elixinol website.  They tout their variety of Hemp Oil liposome (Citrus Twist flavor) as a faster way to get organic hemp oil into your body.  So, the idea is that the hemp oil can pass through membranes in your body more easily.  Whether this actually works or not, we can’t be sure.  But, it’s an interesting concept.  Elixinol says you can mix the product with water or spray it directly under your tongue.  As far as the product price ranges go, though – this one will set you back.  It’s about $60 for just 300 mg, or $130 for the 1000 mg bottle.

Elixinol Overview

If Elixinol has caught your attention, then you can always head over to their website to check them out.  We’re not going to post the link to their website here, but it’s easy enough to find.  We’ll just say a few more words about this company quickly before we wrap up our review.  Firstly, we checked out a tab on their website labeled “Charity,” and it turns out that Elixinol makes a donation of 5% of your purchase to a non-profit of your choice (off their list of selected organizations).  So, that’s pretty cool.  At the moment, it looks like they’ve got seven charities for you to choose from.

If you’re interested in reaching Elixinol, they do have a pretty simple contact page.  You can contact their United States phone number, which is based out of Colorado.  Or, you can send something to their UK offices.  Otherwise, you can send them an electronic message by filling out their online form.  So, we hope that this Elixinol review was helpful for you.  Of course, if you want to check out some of the other CBD and hemp products out there, be sure to hit up the list of related products below!  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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