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CBD is being talked about more and more in relation to health and wellness. A lot of people are still skeptical, however, so we need quality assessments of the available CBD products. Today we are looking at HempMedix. This is a company that produces so many different kinds of CBD products that we cannot cover them all here. But we will discuss the phenomenon of the CBD oil, see how it works, and what Hemp Medix has to offer in terms of products. They have CBD oils in different flavors and strengths, and for different purposes. For example, they even sell a CBD product for pets! If you are interested in the popularity and science of CBD, and want to know how it works, you are in the right place. We will cover all of this and more in today’s review.

UPDATE 2019: Despite the initial hype surrounding HempMedix, there isn’t as much interest in the product as originally thought. We still tend to think that the product is a good one, so we would still recommend checking it out. In fact, CBD has recently become more available in the US as hemp has become largely legalized. While we’re still waiting on CBD specifically to get that Federal approval, we expect that HempMedix will be one of the first stops for a lot of by-the-book customers.

HempMedix manufacturers CBD oils from hemp. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this terminology, however, because of its relation to THC. THC is a psychoactive compound that comes from the cannabis sativa plant. But there are hundreds of compounds from this plant, and not all of them are psychoactive. CBD, for example, is the most famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid. These compounds are called cannabinoids because they affect the endocannabinoid system. Also called the ECS, this system helps regulate things like appetite, pain, and anxiety. The theory is that CBD can positively influence these signals to diminish things like pain and anxiety.

How Does HempMedix Work?

Currently, hemp products like HempMedix are legal because they come from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants. Hemp is actually used for all kinds of things, including foods, bath products, rope, and other materials. What you will see frequently is that CBD has many health benefits. While there is a lot of ongoing research in this field, there is no real consensus on this point. Studies like this one show promises of possible therapeutic benefits for subjects with anxiety disorders. According to the HempMedix CBD website, CBD has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective benefits. Unfortunately they don’t list any corroborating evidence for these claims.

HempMedix Safety

If you are concerned about the safety of CBD, you can read about the safety profile of CBD products here. Because CBD hasn’t really been regulated significantly, we can assume that there aren’t any serious risks with CBD. That doesn’t meant that it’s without it’s risks. There is still the unknown element of time and possible long-term effects from CBD use. However, this study reports that CBD has a relatively mild side effect profile compared to some drugs used for similar treatments like epilepsy. There were some adverse side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, and appetite changes.

HempMedix Products

There are many Hemp Medix products that are currently for sale online. We will go through some of these, but by no means all the available products. To check out the whole spectrum, just do a web search for HempMedix and search for yourself. One of these products is the HempMedix Pure CBD Isolate. This is a CBD powder that you can mix in with beverages or shakes or homemade tinctures. According to the description, you can use this powder in body balms, soaps, creams, and smoothies.

HempMedix Hemp Oil

As mentioned before, there is a difference between Hemp and Marijuana. Hemp oil is made from pressing the plant’s seeds. There is a large variety of Hemp Oil products available from HempMedix. Most of these simply differ in flavor and strength. For example, some flavors include Pineapple Express, Platinum, Private Reserve, Purple Haze, and Tangie. These may just be marketing titles rather than individual flavors in hindsight. They don’t say anything in the description. These Hemp Oils range from around $35-$65 depending on the amount and strain.

HempMedix: Hemp And The Environment

So why use Hemp over other kinds of material? Hemp is an amazing regenerating natural resource. It is not only the strongest natural fiber, but it only takes 4 months for a hemp plant to mature. Compare this to 20 years for a tree. Hemp can actually yield about 4 times what a forest can. The other great thing about the hemp plant is the zero waste aspect. Every part of the plant is being used, and every part is returned to earth as a biodegradable substance.

HempMedix Intake Methods

As you probably know, there are many different ways of consuming CBD and Hemp. You’ve seen CBD gummies, vape oil, edibles, and creams. There are several different kinds of intake methods, including inhalation, sublingual (under the tongue), edibles, and topicals. Of these, inhalation has the fastest onset time and best bioavailability. The sublingual route, which is one of the more popular methods, takes about 10-30 minutes to start working, and its bioavailability is around 15%.

HempMedix Benefits

As mentioned before, we don’t have any evidence that the purported claims here are applicable to HempMedix. In fact, scientists are still not sure what the benefits (if any) are associated with CBD. But just so you know, the claimed benefits with Hemp Medix products are pain relief, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotection, and antioxidant care. If  you are looking for CBD products, the one thing we can agree on is that you don’t want a product with any additives. The best kinds of CBD use cold-pressed or CO2 extraction methods. Heat extraction, for instance, may diminish the purity.

How To Order HempMedix

Right now you can order Hemp Medix online. It is legal, so you don’t have to worry about state laws surrounding other cannabis products. They currently have some markdowns, but they aren’t significant. If you’re not willing to spend upwards of $65 on Hemp Oil, you might want to try it from someone you know. And believe me, someone you know probably uses CBD because it’s becoming that popular for some reason. You can order this product by typing in HempMedix in your search bar and following the “products” link. You can add whatever products you want to the shopping cart and check out to complete your order. Also be sure to read up on the other CBD guides and reviews on this site!

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