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Welcome to CBD Cop, where we discuss Cannabidiol – the thing you have questions about, and we’ve got answers about.  Today, we’ll be continuing our review series and discussing one product we’ve seen going around online.  This one goes by the name of Vytoplex CBD Oil.  And, we decided we’d check it out to help you guys understand more about this product.  Should you order it, or pass by it?  That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

UPDATE 2019: It seems like our legit review got buried under a bunch of affiliate reviews. No biggie. There’s not much new to talk about with Vytoplex CBD Oil. The trial, which we talked about in our review, is still live. Though, we haven’t checked to see if the product itself is still able to be ordered. Sometimes you’ll find sites like this that are still live, but no longer accept orders. We haven’t been able to update our record of user reviews, as most of the user reviews are buried underneath mounds of affiliate reviews.

Before we begin our Vytoplex CBD Isolate Review, however, we just want to mention that there are tons of cool articles and reviews on our site.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, we recommend you click around before you leave today.  Especially, if you’re curious about such things as CBD Dog Treats, CBD Wax Dabs, and more.  Also, if you want to see more CBD and Hemp products, make sure you check out the Amazon suggestions along the top, side, and bottom of this page.  All right, now let’s hop into this Vytoplex Review!

Vytoplex CBD Hemp Oil Vs. THC

Most of the people who come to CBD Cop for the first time don’t know the difference between CBD and THC.  But, these are two very different compounds.  Now, if you want to learn the specifics between these two compounds (both of which are found in cannabis), you can read one of our articles on it.  Otherwise, it suffices to say that THC is notorious for being psychoactive (getting people high), while CBD is considered NOT psychoactive.  And, as far as we can understand from the Vytoplex website, this product claims to be CBD Oil Isolate.  Therefore, it should not contain THC.  Now, let’s get a little bit more into the details we can understand about this company.

Vytoplex Products

We’ve seen companies that have diversified quite a bit, especially because CBD tends to be such a hot product.  And, that’s great.  Because, if you want to try CBD in the form of a gummy bear, why shouldn’t you be able to?  That’s why it was a little surprising to see that this particular company really only has one product, which is Vytoplex CBD Oil 100mg.  It’s not really an issue that they haven’t invested it coming up with other products.  It just limits their own audience base to people who are okay with CBD oils.  On the plus side, this oil is advertised as unflavored, which means you’re not going to get a weird berry taste or mint thing going on.  And, that means you should be able to add it to smoothies, salad dressings, etc.

Vytoplex Website

As a matter of protocol, we went around the Vytoplex CBD Hemp Oil website to gather contact information for the company and other details.  Unfortunately, many of the links from the website were broken, including their “Terms and Conditions,” “Contact,” and “Privacy Policy” links.  That’s not great, because that means you could have trouble getting all the details you want about this product.  So, just keep that in mind if you’re curious about trying or buying Vytoplex.  It also means that it could be tricky to find the true price of this product.  (That’s normally under the Terms and Conditions.)  Of course, we could see the shipping and handling price of the trial bottle, which was $5.95.  But, we don’t know how much you’ll be charged when the trial is over.

How To Order Vytoplex CBD Isolate

To order Vytoplex CBD, you’ll need to go to their website and put in your name, address, phone number, and email address information.  From there, it’ll take you to the “finish order” section, where it lists the price as “Free” and the shipping and handling as $5.95.  You’ll also have to put in your payment information at this step.

If you think that Vytoplex is worth a shot, you can definitely go check it out.  Let us know what you think.  But, just keep in mind that there are now more options out there than ever before.  And, don’t forget about checking out some of the suggested products on this page.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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