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What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Some Background

CBD is a hot topic. People are becoming more curious about the benefits it has to offer your health and wellness both physically and mentally. So people are turning to CBD oil. But there are different kinds of CBD oils available: isolate CBD oil and full spectrum CBD oil. So, What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? First, let’s start with just CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is an active chemical compound in the cannabis plant. CBD is a cannabinoid and is comparable to THC, the famous cannabis cannabinoid responsible for getting people high. However, CBD doesn’t have any psychotropic properties. And, that makes it appealing for people who don’t want the mind-and-mood-altering effects of cannabis like in marijuana.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil: CBD, Hemp, And Marijuana

Cannabis produces both hemp and CBD products which you may notice as you do your own research. Cannabis also includes marijuana. It’s an umbrella term to cover it all. Cannabis sativa is the scientific name for the cannabis plant, and marijuana and hemp are simply two different kinds of strains of the same plant. In fact, the hemp strain is considered “male” where the marijuana strain is “female.” So, marijuana and hemp are not the same thing though they do both come from Cannabis sativa. However, CBD can come from either marijuana or hemp. The question What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil is relevant to both since you can have either full spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate from any cannabis source whether it is from hemp or marijuana. The question What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil applies to both.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Full Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

When shopping for CBD oil, you may notice people referring to “full spectrum CBD oil.” What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? Full spectrum CBD oil is compared to isolate oil. What’s the difference? Well, CBD isolate is just what it sounds like: isolated CBD compounds. CBD isolate contains no other cannabinoids or cannabis terpenes. When you ask, “What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?” you are asking about the difference between this CBD isolate form and CBD that contains other cannabinoids such as CBL, CBN, and CBCVA as well as aromatic terpenes like limonene and pinene. Full spectrum CBD does NOT contain THC. So even though full spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids besides just cannabidiol, it still will not get you high.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil: The Takeaway

It’s good to ask What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? When you understand the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD, you can make the best decision about what is right for you. While you may think CBD isolate is the best option for pure CBD oil, full spectrum CBD may actually offer you more benefits. Though CBD is the cannabinoid now famous for its health and wellness benefits, other properties in cannabis are also helpful including other cannabinoids and terpenes. And none of this involves THC! However, CBD isolate is a good option for people who wish to take pure CBD and make their own concoctions out of it. CBD isolate comes in a powder that is easy to measure, so this makes it an appealing option for these people. However, What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a good question to answer for most CBD users since full spectrum CBD oil offers the most benefits.

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