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Our canine friends are often part of the family.  And, when they have anxiety, it often affects everyone.  If you’ve heard about using CBD to calm stressed out people, then you might have also heard about it in relation to dogs.  And, that’s why today we’re looking at some of the best CBD dog treats.  Giving your dog a treat is usually a great experience for him and for you.  For others, dog treats based on hemp could be the difference between a truly horrible experience and one that’s not so bad.  Consider flying your pup on an airplane, or bringing man’s best friend to a new place.  Sometimes, you both need some calm.  So, we want to help you find the best CBD dog treats available right now.  For each one, we’ll talk about what people are saying, and some of the details.  Let’s jump in and learn about the best CBD dog treats.

What To Look For In The Best CBD Dog Treats

When it comes to choosing the best CBD dog treats for your pooch, you’ll want to assess the product in the same way you’d assess anything for your dog.  After all, these are kind of like CBD edibles, but for your best friend.  For example: what flavors does your dog like?  If your dog absolutely hates the flavor of chicken, then he wouldn’t like chicken-flavored chews.  (Although, we struggle to think of a dog that doesn’t like chicken.)  The good news is that many of the best CBD dog treats actually have multiple flavor options.  So, you can choose the one that works best for your dog.

How about this consideration: Does your canine need soft chews versus hard chews?  Many older dogs may have problems with their teeth or be unable to chew hard products.  And, of course, how expensive are you willing to go to accommodate for your dog?  When it comes to the best CBD dog treats, you could end up with quite the range in price.  So, are you looking for a large container with a lot of treats for a cheaper price?  Or, are you willing to drop the big bucks on a tiny bag?  Do you want something organic?  And, what are you looking to help your dog with (anxiety, pain, etc.)?  These are all questions you might need to consider when assessing the best CBD dog treats for YOUR best friend.

Best CBD Dog Treats: Zesty Paws

With over 1,300 reviews on and 69% of them coming in at 5 stars, we thought we’d talk about these “calming bites” first.  Although you can consider these CBD dog treats (otherwise we wouldn’t have put them on the list of best CBD dog treats), these soft chews also have a whole host of other ingredients designed to prevent anxiety and hyperactivity.  For example, although “organic hemp” comes in first, chamomile, valerian root, L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine are all on the ingredients list.  But, at $30 for a big plastic container of 90 chews, we would say this could be a good value.  The only thing to watch out for is that a large dog may require more than one chew.  So, if you’ve got a big guy, you might be paying a dollar per dose.

Best CBD Dog Treats: Point Pet

If your dog appreciates the finer things in life, he might enjoy these duck-flavored chews that advertise as hip and joint support.  The package says that the product contains organic ground hemp and hemp seed oil.  However, if your dog is allergic to anything, be aware that this product contains coconut glycerin in the inactive ingredients.  This product has significantly fewer reviews, but it still comes in at 4.5 stars average.  Several reviewers claimed that it worked on their large dogs to relieve joint pain and hip issues.  And, the price is a good value for 90 chews, coming in under $30.  If your dog needs some help with range of motion and mobility, you might give this product a thought.  You could even end up considering it part of your personal list of Best CBD Dog Treats.

Best CBD Dog Treats: Veterinary Naturals ‘Hemp & Hips’

Coming in with another soft chew is Veterinary Naturals, which claims to promote hip and joint support.  It also has the widest range of flavors that we’ve seen.  So, if your dog doesn’t like chicken (again, show us a dog that doesn’t like chicken), you can choose bacon or peanut butter.  Like some of the other products we’ve seen, this product also says that it’s wheat, corn, and soy free.  And, that might make a better candidate for best CBD dog treats than a grain-based treat.

One of the more unique aspects of Hemp & Hips is that it says it contains organic turmeric.  And, we know that there are some studies out there on turmeric that suggest it could help with certain human disease.  So, perhaps it could work for dogs, too.  However, ask your veterinarian if turmeric is a good idea for your dog.  If your dog is constantly hot, it might be a bad idea to feed him what’s considered a “warming spice.”  As for the price of this product, it’s a little under $20 for 60 chews, although that’s a sale price.  However, the product apparently comes with a book on benefits of hemp for your dog.  That’s pretty good value for the best CBD dog treats.

Best CBD Dog Treats: True Leaf Pet

This product may be the most obviously hemp-related out of all the products on our best CBD dog treats list.  After all, the name of the product is True Leaf Pet True Hemp Chews.  The product itself contains hemp seed powder and cold pressed hemp seed oil.  Other calming ingredients include chamomile, lemon balm extract, and L-Theanine.  However, the main ingredient in the calming version (there’s also a hip and joint kind) is Wild Alaskan Salmon.  If you’re familiar with the Environmental Defense Fund and their seafood selector rating, then the good news is that wild Alaskan salmon does rank in the “best” options for environmental protection.  As for how True Leaf Pet ranks with our best CBD dog treats choices, we’d say it’s pretty high up there.  It comes in around $12 for 40 chews, so it’s a great option for seeing how they work on your dog without blowing your budget.

Best CBD Dog Treats: Overview

If you’ve been struggling to find the best CBD dog treats, we totally understand.  Making choices regarding your dog’s health can be tricky.  Just make sure that you put as much care and consideration into your dog’s health as you would with your own.  And, if you have questions and concerns, you should always contact your veterinarian.  Especially, if your dog already is on medication of any kind.  We hope that we could help you a little with your search for the best CBD dog treats.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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