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We can’t all be dog lovers. It’s not for everyone. Some of us prefer the quieter, low-maintenance life that cats provide. Or, that multiple cats provide. Whatever your quantity preference, you’re a cat lover, and you’re proud. And, you want to provide your cat(s) with the best life possible, which is why you are looking into CBD for cats.

You’ve read about the potential benefits of CBD, and have even seen some CBD for cats products. This is not surprising as it’s getting more and more common. But, is it actually as safe as it sounds? You want to potentially increase your cat’s well-being, especially if it gets anxious or has pain, but you don’t want to give it a product that could harm it. This is 100% understandable. But, CBD for cats shows to work just the same as CBD for human beings. Every mammal has a endocannabinoid system, which is the internal body system that interacts with cannabinoids such as CBD.

It would still deliver the therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, reduced stress/anxiety and possibly even an increase in overall well-being.

CBD For Cats: What Products To Use?

There are getting to be more and more products on the CBD for cats market. It’s clearing something people are buying or there wouldn’t be so much of it popping up. This means there are a lot of products to wade through. Here are two specific products that have gotten some attention.

HempRx for Pets

This CBD product is an oil that’s actually made for both cats and dogs. The company that makes this product is based out of Colorado, so the hemp used in HempRx for Pets is grown organically in Colorado. It contains no harsh chemicals, medal residues or toxic pesticides. It is a truly organic product for your cat (or dog).

Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules

These capsules are pretty popular when it comes to CBD for cats. They are easy to administer and, since they come in prepackaged capsules, the dosage is extremely easy to control. You just put the contents of the capsule into your cats food or in a treat. The exact amount you should give your cat in a day will depend on your specific cat, but instructions will be on the product.

CBD For Cats: Things To Keep In Mind

If you are truly considering using CBD for cats, it may be a good idea to first talk with your veterinarian. Especially if your cat has had specific health problems in the past, or is on other medications. Also, and this is BIG thing to remember, CBD products are extremely different from products containing high amounts of THC. THC is the cannabinoid that delivers psychoactive effects and it can be extremely harmful for animals to consume. So, when choosing a CBD product make sure it has the lowest amounts of THC possible. And again, consulting with your veterinarian could be the best thing to do when looking into CBD for cats.

CBD for cats is certainly an outlet people are using, however. If you are seriously considering it, it may also be helpful to reach out to other cat owners who have used CBD for their cat. Nothing like a little parent information swap, huh?!

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