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We know that a lot of people come to CBD Cop looking for advice on how to narrow their search for the proper CBD product.  Or, perhaps you just aren’t familiar with CBD at all and you want to learn more about it.  But, the first thing that you’ll notice from our site is that CBD is not as cut-and-dry as many people would think.  We’ve done articles on everything from CBD gummies to the best CBD dog treats.  Some people may not have even realized that there are pet formulas of CBD and hemp oils out there.  But, that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.  Because, today’s review is on a product called PurCBD by Innovet.

PurCBD And CBD Formulas

If you already know quite a bit about CBD, you can probably skip this section.  Because, we’re just going to be laying out the basics on this interesting product concept before we talk about PurCBD specifics.  Most people are familiar in some respect with cannabis.  But, not everyone knows about Cannabidiol, which is the long name for CBD.  We know that long names can be scary.  And, fairly enough, since Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is that psychoactive compound that everyone talks about in marijuana, which is from cannabis.  But, there are products out there that isolate CBD or at least contain almost no trace of THC.  So, these products wouldn’t be considered psychoactive.  And, that’s the idea behind CBD products like PurCBD.

UPDATE 2019: PurCBD has quickly become one of the most popular CBD Oils for Pets on the market today. If you look at reviews on the parent website, you’ll see that they have nearly 4000 reviews and a stellar 4.9 rating. That’s as close as you’ll get to an Oscar in this industry. They’ve also released a new version of the popular PurCBD called PurCBD+ , which is an apparent improvement on the original release. If you’re looking for a product for your dog, cat or horse (all of which are targeted specifically by the company and their formula) be sure to check out this CBD oil.

There have been plenty of studies on CBD in recent years.  Of course, some of these studies are more compelling than others.  For example, there are lots of animal studies, but a small human study showed that CBD could reduce anxiety in people assigned to do a public speaking task.  And, while we could go on and on about various studies and research, we’ll let you do some of that on your own.  Because, today we want to talk about PurCBD especially.  We know that you may have seen this product online somewhere or even from word of mouth.  So, we want to give you as much information as we can.  That includes information about specific products.  So, keep reading if you want to learn more about PurCBD.

PurCBD And Hemp

PurCBD advertises “100% Natural Hemp Extract” on their bottle.  And, that may have you wondering: what is hemp, and is it different from CBD?  Actually, your question is totally common.  Because, lots of people have no idea what the difference between hemp, cannabis, marijuana, and CBD is.  But, there is a little bit of difference.  First of all, hemp is cannabis, but it’s not exactly marijuana.  Because, hemp for fiber and extract may be genetically different than hemp for smoking as marijuana.  And, that means that hemp may have less THC naturally than cannabis for marijuana does.  In fact, sometimes marijuana cannabis is specifically bred to have higher concentrations of THC.  And, that’s not what PurCBD would be about.

However, if you’re looking for CBD products out there, it can be a little confusing.  Because, a product may say “hemp” on it, but doesn’t specifically say CBD.  Or, it could not have CBD in it at all.  Just be sure to carefully read the labels on the product that you want to purchase.  Because, some products use hempseed oil, for example, but may contain little to no CBD at all.  Anyway, that’s enough base information for you to hopefully feel a little more comfortable about making your CBD and hemp choices.  Let’s get into the PurCBD review here.

PurCBD Products

As you probably noticed at the top of this article, PurCBD is a product by a company called Innovet.  And, if you check out the Innovet Pet website, they actually have a lot of products.  So, if you have an animal, you could potentially find quite a few things for your furry companion.  For example, the products list seems to include wax for paws (for protection), dental care products, poop bags, and more.  What we’re looking at for this product review is specifically the PurCBD line.  And, you can find the PurCBD line under the “Phytocannabinoid oil” label under their Products tab.  They also have two versions of PurCBD, which we’ll talk about below.

PurCBD For Dogs And Cats

Many people who own pets have dogs and cats.  They’re just popular pets.  And, that’s the idea behind this first PurCBD product.  According to the bottle, which has a good, descriptive label (never underestimate the power of a good label), the main PurCBD for dogs and cats comes in a 30 mL container.  That’s about one ounce.  And, according to the Supplement Facts, one serving size is just ½ of a milliliter, which means you should be able to get about 60 servings out of one bottle.  That’s not bad for about $25.  However, the product seems to be on sale from its regular $45 price, which may be on the steep side.

The PurCBD label also boasts 2.1 milligrams of CBD per serving, with the other ingredients being simply hemp oil from the seeks and stalks, and a hemp carrier oil.  There’s also a suggested use description on the label, which is helpful if you have no idea how much to give your pet based on their weight.  What’s more is that the website actually has a chart and instructions available for you.  So, if you’re a CBD novice, you can rest assured knowing that you have a little bit more information to work with.

PurCBD For Horses And Big Dogs

It may seem a bit of a leap to go from big dogs to horses, but have you seen the size of some big dogs?  It makes sense to have a separate product for larger animals.  That way, you’re not wasting money by giving a weaker product to a massive pet.  Although the Supplement Facts label for this product isn’t visible on the website, we’re going to assume it’s not too far from the previous label.  If you decide to order this product (which will set you back the same price as the PurCBD for smaller dogs and cats), you can check out the label for yourself.

How To Order PurCBD

On the whole, we have to say that Innovet looks like it could be a helpful company for getting you a first CBD product for your pet.  And, we also saw details on a 30-day money-back guarantee on their website.  As for how to order, you can find this product with a simple search online.  It looks like this company only operates through online sales.  However, if you want to buy PurCBD in bulk, you may be able to do that through their wholesale account option.  And, if you want to reach Innovet about their PurCBD products, they do have phone support, email, and even Facebook.  The production facility is in California.  We hope that this PurCBD review helped you out.  If you’re looking for more CBD and hemp oil products, feel free to check out our picks below.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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