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CBD Bath Bombs: Cannabis In The Bathtub?

CBD is becoming a popular substance that people want to use for a variety of reasons. Why not put it in your bath to enjoy its anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits? CBD is even being studied for its ability to help treat acne. CBD Bath Bombs also contain other active ingredients that soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, help treat acne and other skin conditions, and provide relaxation and revitalization. And, CBD Bath Bombs provide you one more way to relax and take care of yourself. Self care is so important in a world where mental and emotional illness wreak havoc on peoples’ lives and where people are busier and more stressed than they can handle. So, grab a CBD bath bomb and take your personal spa time to the next level!

CBD Bath Bombs: Pamper Yourself As The Kush Queen You Are

The brand Kush Queen (cute name, right?) offers a variety of different CBD Bath Bombs. They’re made with 100% organic ingredients including essential oil blends and C02 cannabis oil as well as CBD isolate. Kush Queen has 5 different CBD Bath Bombs, each with their own purpose. They have a bath bomb called “Relieve” which is made for pain supported by clove, sweet birch, coriander seed, and black pepper. “Relax” contains lavender, frankincense, and chamomile to support mood. Kush Queen also have CBD Bath Bombs for sleep called “Sleep” to use before bed. The sleep bath bomb contains mandarin orange, marjoram, and lavender essential oils. In addition to sleep, Kush Queen also offers CBD Bath Bombs to wake up. Called “Awaken,” this bath bomb features invigorating peppermint oil. Lastly, this line of CBD Bath Bombs has one called “Love” which contains ylang ylang, sweet orange, and patchouli essential oils. These bath bombs have no artificial preservatives or dyes and will not stain your bathtub.

Other CBD Bath Bomb Options

Kush Queen is a luxurious, quality bath bomb, but there are other CBD Bath Bombs you may want to try as well. The “Flowerchild” bath bomb is a beautiful, rainbow colored sphere with a floral theme. It is crafted like a piece of art, hand made from boutique-grown, local cannabis. The 420 Buzzy Bath Bomb is another option. This bath bomb from the MJA & Marlotion Bath Company includes an organic sugar sprinkling and Himalayan Pink Salt coating along with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt. A gold heart on the top of this sweet and salty CBD bath bomb makes it charming as well as packed with soothing spa power. Five Senses Skincare also offers heart-shaped, hemp-oil infused bath bombs covered in glitter with enticing aromas for a good price! If you want a particularly potent CBD Bath Bomb, you should try VIDA Butterflies and Orchids THC/CBD Bath Bomb. This bath bomb is made specifically for people with pain and high stress with 50mg of THC and 10mg CBD. Its scent profile includes jasmine, violet, rose, and sandalwood. Finally, you might also like the cleverly named Blue Raspberry Dope Soap containing 65mg of THC-A to treat inflammation and sore muscles.

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