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CBD Oil For Your Skin!

Everyone’s talking about the anti-stress powers of CBD! It’s no secret what CBD could do for your brain. But what about your appearance? Could CBD do magic in that department as well? What About CBD oil on skin?? Well, it just MIGHT be a miracle! They’re finding that CBD could have a whole bunch of benefits when applied topically to the skin! Read on to find out more!

Is It Safe To Put CBD Oil On Skin?

If you want to be really sure, your best bet will always be to talk to your doctor. But in our research for this article we found several medical studies where they applied CBD oil to the skin, so we think it’s fairly safe to say you can apply it to your skin without harm. Then again, WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, so it’s never a bad idea to talk to one to make sure. CBD skincare products are widely available and have many positive reviews, so we think we would’ve noticed if something was amiss by now.

CBD Benefits For Your Skin

CBD has been shown to demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties, and that could extend to your skin! Some recent studies have shown that CBD oil on skin might actually help to treat acne! And beyond that, most CBD skincare products will also contain hemp oil. And hemp oil ALSO has tons of incredible benefits for your skin. It moisturizes without clogging pores and can help to balance out oily skin. And it even has anti-aging properties! This really might be nature’s miracle plant!

Our Favorite CBD Face Products

  • Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask| $45

For the skincare junkies in the room, look no further than this sleep mask. We love the low effort of a sleep mask: slather it on like moisturizer, fall asleep, and rinse off in the morning to reveal perfect skin. The lavender scent calms us down at bedtime, and the mask packs a serious soothing punch. You won’t believe what CBD oil on skin can do for you!!

  • Vertly Hemp Infused Lip Balm| $22

CBD can help out your chapped lips too! And this balm is absolutely luxurious with tons of hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, shea, and hemp CBD makes our lips oh so soft!

Our Favorite CBD Body Products

  • Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Formula Body Lotion|$50

This super popular CBD lotion dispenses 2 mg of CBD per pump, making it easy to know exactly how much CBD you’re dosing. We love that. The packaging looks like something out of your favorite fantasy TV show, and people who suffer from joint pain rave about this one!

  • Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm| $30

This products is supposedly designed to help soothe sore muscles as well as menstrual cramps, so it’s great for ladies and gents alike! It has a natural formula that they boost is safe to eat! This thick balm melts easily as you warm it in your hands for a super hydrating, spa-like experience. We can’t get enough! It’s one of our favorite ways to get CBD oil on skin.

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