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If you’re like us, then when you first learned about CBD, you wanted to learn as much as you could.  And, you wanted to try it in as many different forms as it comes in.  Because, CBD (Cannabidiol, for you scientific people) actually can come in pretty much every version under the sun.  We’ve seen everything from chewing gum, to oils, to dog treats, and more.  And, actually, we’re going to be talking about several types of CBD products today, which are all offered by the CBD company we’re reviewing: CBD FX.  (You may also have seen this company as CBDFX or CBDFx).

If you haven’t heard of CBD FX, they’ve been popping up everywhere from social media to blogs and more.  We actually heard about them through social media ourselves.  And, we wanted to look more into this company and their products.  So, we’ll be doing a full CBD FX Review today, so you can see what this company might have to offer.  And, we’ll let you know how to order the products at the end.  If you already know quite a bit about CBD, you can skip the next couple paragraphs, where we’ll be talking about CBD in general.  Now, without further ado, let’s jump into this CBD FX article.

CBD FX And Cannabidiol

You can learn quite a bit about CBD in general from the site you’re on right now, CBD Cop.  But, if you’re not familiar with CBD, which is the main ingredient advertised with CBD FX, then you should read the next couple paragraphs.  Basically, CBD is a compound that you can find in cannabis.  But, it’s absolutely not the same as THC.  THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that people use to get high when they use marijuana.  However, CBD is another compound entirely, and it’s not considered to be psychoactive.  And, it also is considered to be relatively safe.  That might be one of the big reasons that it has been enjoying a period of immense popularity at the moment.

CBD FX, on their website, makes sure to indicate that their products use CBD, and not THC.  So, their products should not be psychoactive.  And, they make the claim that their products are completely legal.  You can check out more information on the legality of CBD by reading our article on it.  However, the most exciting thing about CBD seems to be its potential health benefits.  While research is still going on, there are some interesting studies that may tie CBD to anxiety relief and more.  So, it’s not surprising that companies like CBD FX are cashing in on the hype.  And, they may be providing a much-needed product.  But, what kind of products do CBD FX offer?  Let’s check out some of their itinerary.

CBD FX: Vegan CBD Gummy Bears

We have to say that CBD FX is not the first company to do CBD gummy bears.  In fact, we’ve seen quite a few examples of these adorable little chewables.  But, CBD FX CBD Gummy Bears might be the first of their kind that we’ve seen are 100% Vegan.  According to the company website, these are all-natural bears, and we’ve heard they are made with seaweed instead of gelatin.

So, if you’ve been dying to try CBD gummies, but you’re Vegan, these may be a good option for you.  They’ll set you back a bit at nearly $1 per gummy ($59.99 for a bottle of 60).  But, if you divide that up as $1 per day, it’s not a bad price to pay if they work for you.  If you want to try them out without spending quite so much right away, you can get a sample bag for $9.99, which comes with 8 CBDfx Gummy Bears.

CBD FX: CBD Vape Pens

We’ve talked about CBD Vape Pens before here on CBD Cop.  But, usually you don’t get the chance to buy your vape kit, cartridge, and the flavored oils all in one place.  CBD FX has a whole page of their CBD vape products.  The kit sells for around $39.99, and each individual vape pen flavor is around $15.  But, you can buy 12 packs of the pens on sale for around $150 at the time that we’re writing this.  The flavors are a little random and there are only two at the moment – “fresh mint” and “strawberry lemonade” – but if one of those floats your boat, then you may want to try it out.  We also see that they CBD vape additives for those of you who are feeling adventurous.

CBD FX: CBD Wax Dabs

Wax dabs for medical marijuana have had their place for some time.  But, this is one of the first times we’re seeing wax dabs for CBD.  CBD FX offers a mini CBD wax pen (instead of the long glass tube and torch option) for $54.99, and their own concentrated CBD wax dab for $49.99.  We’re not sure how long this dab would last, but we’re guessing it could be quite a while.  So, you might very well get some value for your money.

CBD FX: CBD Capsules

We’re not sure that any self-respecting CBD company would NOT offer CBD capsules.  So, we weren’t surprised to see that CBD FX CBD Capsules are definitely on their website.  They claim that their CBDfx Capsules use organic ingredients.  They’re on the expensive side – for 30 pills, you’re paying $59.99.  We would assume, then, that they’re about twice as potent as the CBD gummies.  Just the same as with their CBD gummies, you can try out the CBD FX Pills for $19.99 with their 8-pack of capsules.

CBD FX: Overview

On the whole, CBD FX offers an impressive number of products and their prices, while on the high side, probably reflect the quality that they claim to adhere to.  So, this seems like as good a company as any to try for your CBD fix.  If you want to find them, they’re extremely easy to search for online at the moment, due to their popularity.  And, you might even come across some of their stuff on social media – they apparently have their own Instagram account.

If you want to subscribe to their newsletter, you can do that at the bottom of their website.  And, while we’re not sure where they’re shipping from at the moment, CBDFX says that they do free shipping to all 50 states.  So, you can always check them out.  Of course, if you want to see what else is out there, make sure you check out some other products we like, which are featured on this page.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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