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It’s time for another company review here at CBD Cop!  And, today we’re going to be talking about Green Roads CBD.  Now, you might not have heard about this company before, but there is a surprising number of products out there that bear the Green Roads name.  So, today, we’re going to be talking about what we know about this company and what kind of products they sell.  After all, you, the consumer, should get to know what kind of options are out there for you.  So, let’s dive into our Green Roads CBD Review!

Green Roads CBD Vs. Hemp Oil

If you’re already familiar with how to diligently shop for CBD products, then you can probably skip this section.  We’re going to be talking about the difference between CBD and Hemp Oil.  Now, the reality is that CBD and Hemp Oil both come from the hemp plant.  But, they’re not quite the same.  CBD is still a somewhat-controlled substance, whereas buying Hemp Oil is pretty easy.  In fact, everything from protein powders to cooking oils may contain Hemp Oil.  But, CBD is a little different.  This acronym stands for Cannabidiol, which is a compound in cannabis.  So, what does Green Roads CBD sell?

Well, some companies profit off the hype behind CBD.  Even if they’re only selling Hemp Oils or hemp products.  But, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Green Roads CBD.  In fact, it looks like most of their products are distinctly labeled as CBD products.  So, you shouldn’t need to do too much sleuthing here to see if these products are what you’re looking for.  However, they’ve got quite a few products on their website, so we’re going to get right into it.

Green Roads CBD Products

Like we said, Green Roads CBD Oil isn’t the only product that you’re going to find on the Green Roads website.  Actually, it looks like they have several dozen different products on offer.  And, while we can’t verify their claim that they’re the largest CBD manufacturer in the USA, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true.  Just based on their inventory alone.  Now, why is it a good thing for a company to offer more than one product?  Well, it gives you, the consumer, a chance to be a little pickier about what you want.  For example, if there are oils that offer 100 mg of CBD per bottle, and then oils that offer 350 mg of CBD per bottle, you can order the oil that best suits your needs.  Because, it wouldn’t make sense for someone with a lot of experience with CBD to go for a weaker product.

Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Obviously, we’ve already mentioned that this company sells CBD oils.  Now, in this category on their website alone, they have ten different product packages.  The first four appear to be straight CBD oils, which come with droppers.  And, these Green Roads CBD Oil Dosage packages come in 100 mg, 250 mg, 350 mg, and 550 mg options.  Of course, the price also rises accordingly.  So, while the 100 mg bottle will only set you back about $27, the 550 mg bottle will do about $85 of damage.

Now, here’s something we find interesting though.  Green Roads CBD also offers daily dose packages.  So, instead of buying a little glass bottle, which could get broken or dropped, you can buy single-dose syringes in individual packaging.  Each one is a decent price – the 350 mg daily dose is $6.99.  But, they go up to 1500 mg, which only costs around $12.  So, you can still use your CBD on the go.

Green Roads CBD Edibles

You know how we here at CBD Cop like to bring up CBD Gummies.  That’s because we think they’re a fun option for adults to enjoy a great part of childhood (Candy!  Gummies!  Deliciousness!) while still taking care of themselves.  Of course, we don’t need to say that if you’re vegan, you have to double-check the ingredients on your gummies (gelatin is an animal product).  However, we’re big fans of the way that Green Roads CBD offers not only gummy bears, but other shapes of candy too.  Specifically, “froggies”.  And, their froggies come in 100 mg and 200 mg options.  Plus, they come in sour!  Otherwise, if you’re just trying to hit the sack, there are also CBD “Sleepy Z’s” which seem to be calming gummies in the shape of the last letter of the alphabet.  These products aren’t cheap – they range from $10 to $55 – but they could be a lot of fun for the casual CBD user.

Green Roads CBD Coffee And Tea

Now, this is one that we’re definitely excited to share.  As people who work in an office, we here at CBD Cop do love our warm beverages.  (There’s just something about a nice cup of tea on a cloudy day.)  But, we’re sure there’s a niche of people who would like to add their Green Roads CBD Oil to their coffee or chamomile tea.  The good news is that Green Roads is one step ahead.  So, they sell CBD Coffee, CBD Decaf Coffee, and CBD Tea (in chamomile).  Now, sure, it’s probably more expensive than any other tea or coffee you’ll buy.  The chamomile tea package says that it contains enough tea for seven days, and it comes in at $31.99.  But, the 19 reviews on the website seem pretty positive.  So, we’d say that if you’re a coffee or tea fiend, you could do worse than to look at these products.

Green Roads CBD Overview

Obviously, with dozens of products available at Green Roads CBD, we didn’t cover them all.  But, hopefully that gives you a little idea as to what you might find if you go check out the Green Roads website.  In general, we think that companies like this that offer a variety of products and have a fan base already are pretty cool.  Because, they’re addressing a market that doesn’t necessarily have a large audience yet.  Of course, if you want to see some of the other CBD and hemp products out there, make sure you check out the widgets along the top, bottom, and side of this article.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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