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Today we are talking about Love Hemp Water. This is a new bottle of water that is infused with CBD Hemp droplets. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Today we are reviewing this product to see if there is anything to it. Hemp and CBD are two of the biggest trends in health and wellness products. You see CBD oils, gummies, vape oils, and even pet products. Additionally, hemp is used in all kinds of products. If you are still confused about the difference between hemp and CBD and what these two things even are, you are in good company. We will go through all this background in addition to the review of this specific product. We haven’t tried Love Hemp Water is just plain water, but apparently this has CBD Hemp droplets in it. Does this make any difference? Can it benefit your health and wellness? Let’s find out!

UPDATE 2019: Love Hemp Water has been getting some love online lately. While it hasn’t taken off compared so some other brands, this premium hemp water company is certainly stamping out its own little niche in the industry. But if you’re trying to find Love Hemp Water in the US, you’ll probably be out of luck. That’s because this company seems to be seated out of Europe, and we didn’t see any discernible plans for expansion to the US. While that leaves us in the cold, be sure to pick up a bottle next time you’re in the old country.

Okay, let’s be honest. Love Hemp Water sounds almost ridiculous. Why would you pay more money for water that supposedly has CBD hemp droplets in it? Well, the makers of this product anticipate this question, and have some information on the website, including a video. We though this video would explain some of the scientific background of Love Hemp Water, but instead, it is a montage of water bottles with figures in a fuzzy background doing Tai Chi. No help there. So what do we make of Love Hemp Water? It’s hard to say without having tried this water. In fact, because Hemp and CBD do not actively give a specific feeling, you wouldn’t notice the difference right away anyway. So why try Love Hemp H20? That’s for you to decide. The hemp and CBD industry is huge, and today we are going to look in to it. Read below to learn more!

Love Hemp Water: What Is Hemp?

Hemp is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot but is not explained. Most people wrongly assume that hemp, CBD, THC are all the same things. This is not the case, however. Love Hemp Water does not make you high. This is perhaps an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many people think that hemp is just another name for marijuana. Indeed, hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant. But unlike THC, hemp is non-psychoactive. It is created through pressing the plant’s seeds. Hemp can be used in all kinds of ways. It can be refined into all kinds of materials like paper, clothing, food, and cosmetic products. Hemp has higher concentrations of CBD which eliminates any psychoactive effects that may be in THC through hemp. Do a quick search of hemp to see all of its amazing uses!

Love Hemp Water: What Is CBD?

This is another common question that we get. What is CBD anyway? Well, if you want a truly comprehensive answer to this question, we suggest you read this guide to everything CBD-related. This guide goes in to detail regarding the scientific background of cannabinoids, their benefits, side effects, and uses. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is derived from the leaves and stems of the cannabis sativa plant. Some claim that CBD helps relieve pain or reduce anxiety. We have looked at some of the studies on this and find some promising findings. However, these are initial studies, oftentimes on animals, and they need further research.

The essential theory behind CBD is that it affects your endocannabinoid and in that interaction is where the therapeutic effects occur. This is part of your central nervous system and helps regulate things like mood, appetite, pain sensitivity, and anxiety. These results are not proven, however.

How Does Love Hemp Water Work?

Unfortunately we don’t have as much information regarding Love Hemp Water. The website is fun, colorful, and intriguing. It makes you want to drink Hemp Water! However, on the other side of things, it doesn’t give you much information. This is partly because the product is not complex: it’s just water! But the part about hemp CBD droplets needs more explanation. How much CBD is in one bottle of water, and what is this kind of water supposed to be good for? According to the “about” section of the Love Hemp Water site we find a few benefit claims. Here the makers claim that it is good for health and wellness and improves cognitive function.

Where Can You Buy Love Hemp Water

Love Hemp Water is a European product, so American markets may not have access to it yet. Furthermore, the Love hemp Water website does not have any ordering information on it. You can’t even order this hemp water from the website. This may even mean that it is not for sale yet. As far as we can tell, the only place you can buy it is from an online supermarket in Britain called Ocado. It’s likely that they are testing the waters right now (so to speak) before expanding to stores. But the CBD and Hemp edibles market is growing right now, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if you start seeing more products like this.

Does Love Hemp Water Work?

According to the website for Love Hemp Water, each bottle contain 500mg of H20 and 2mg of Hemp. They call this a “hemp water revolution.” Is 2mg of hemp enough to make any difference. That’s beyond our scope and ability right now, so you might have to research this yourself. This is about the same amount of CBD that people take when using CBD oil, so it may be fairly average.

Order Love Hemp Water

As you can see, ordering Love Hemp Water is easier said than done. It’s limited to British sales only right now. So if you don’t live in Britain, you may have to wait until they company expands or until other products like it appear. This UK company launched in 2015, meaning that it will take some time to see more growth. They do have a parent company, however, called LoveHemp that sells CBD and Hemp oil, hemp extract, gummy bears, and vape oil! So be sure to check that out as well.

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