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At CBD Cop, we’re always trying to inform you about new products and new companies offering those products.  Especially, when we hear good things or see a website that looks pretty legitimate.  So, today we’re going to be talking about a company called Medterra.  And, specifically, we’ll be talking about their Medterra CBD Oil, Pills, and Cream.  Because, when we review a company, we like to review all their products.  Of course, if you want to learn more about other types of CBD products out there, check out some of our other articles.  And, if you want to look into new hemp and CBD products online, click on any of the widgets above, below, or to the side of this article.  Thanks for joining us for our Medterra CBD Review!

Medterra CBD vs. THC

We’ve talked about the difference between CBD and THC many, many times on our website.  However, you might be surprised how many CBD products actually have traces of THC in them.  And, we’re not talking about negligible amounts.  In our CBD Chocolate Bar article, we talked about how some of the chocolates don’t mind sharing the limelight with THC.  So, if you’re on the lookout for CBD products, you need to be very careful to ensure that they don’t include THC.  (That is, unless of course, you want some THC in there.  Then be our guest.)  So, when we were looking into Medterra CBD Products, we wanted to know right away if these contained THC.

The nice thing about the Medterra CBD Website was that they seemed really transparent about their products.  First of all, they say that their products contain 99.9% pure CBD.  (If you’re looking for 100%, then you might have to go elsewhere.  But, personally, we’re not very concerned about the .1% impurity.  It’s probably more of a disclaimer than anything.)  Secondly, right on the bottles for the Medterra CBD Pills, Cream, and Oil, there is a big section of text that says, “ZERO THC.”  So, if you’re really not looking for any THC at all, this product seems like it might be up your alley.  Now, let’s dive into more about our review!

Medterra CBD Products

In general, we like companies to give their consumers access to more than one product.  Why?  Well, it’s just nice to give people a little more choice in how they want to use CBD.  For example, if you’re not into using CBD oil, then there are probably hundreds of companies out there that you could strike off your list.

In reality, it’s in a company’s best interest to at least offer you two or three options for CBD.  And, it looks like Medterra CBD offers three different CBD products.  So, we’re going to be talking about each one in depth today.  Firstly, we’ll be discussing the CBD Tincture/Oil, followed by the Pills, and then the Cream.  If you’re only interested in one of these products, you can skip to the corresponding paragraph below.

Medterra CBD Oil Review

We’re going back and forth between wanting to describe this as Medterra CBD Tincture or CBD Oil.  Simply because, we know more people are familiar with CBD oils, though the bottle for this product describes it as a tincture.  Additionally, if you click on their products list, they describe this product as a “Medoil CBD Tincture.”  But, that’s enough nit-picking about the name.  Let’s look at what the facts are about this product.

Firstly, it says that this product is zero percent THC.  So, if you’re looking for something that fits that bill, you could probably succeed with most of the products on the Medterra CBD Website.  The site also claims that this product is 100% natural, with 30 milliliters per bottle (30 servings per bottle).  According to the description below the product, the CBD Tincture should also be odorless and tasteless.  (We’re not sure how a tincture can be entirely tasteless, since it’s usually an alcohol solution, but count us curious.)  It looks like a classic glass bottle with a glass dropper.  So, if you’re unsure with your hands or don’t want to be handling glass, then this might not be the product for you.

Here’s the price breakdown for the Medterra CBD Oil.  For the 30 milliliter bottle with 500 mg of CBD, it’s $50.  However, higher concentrations are higher priced.  The 1000 mg bottle is $89.95, while the 3000 mg bottle is $149.95.  We suggest starting with the lowest concentration if you’re new to CBD.

Medterra CBD Pills

As far as the capsules go for this product, there are two different types.  So, if you find it easier to swallow pills than to swallow oil, this might be the option for you.  There are the Medterra CBD gel capsules (30 per bottle), coming in at $64.95.  Then there are the Medoil Sleeping CBD Pills, coming in at $69.95.

The CBD gel capsules look like they come in strengths of 25 mg or 50 mg (with 990 mg total CBD content per gram).  The Sleeping CBD Pills not only use 25 mg CBD, but 10 mg of Melatonin.  So, if you have difficulties with sleeping, this might be a product that you’re interested in trying.  However, it will set you back quite a bit for 30 tablets.

Medterra CBD Cream

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Medterra CBD Cooling Cream.  This product is for topical usage (yeah, it’s not a dessert cream, even though we’re waiting for that product to come out.  We’ve already got CBD chocolate, so why not?).  The bottle appears to be 3.4 fluid ounces, and comes in strengths of 250 mg and 750 mg.  Although we don’t have a lot of experience with using CBD Creams, we would imagine that people who experience chronic skin conditions might be curious about this product.  Or, if you have aches and pains in top-layer muscles, perhaps.  In any case, the Medterra CBD Cream will set you back about $50, and it comes in the classic pump bottle.

Medterra CBD Overview

We think this company looks compelling, and their website looks stunning design-wise.  (We like a good, clean website, okay?)  Almost every single product had earned 5 stars on their website based on consumer reviews, which is good and bad in our mind (are all the reviews legitimate?).  But, on the whole, we think Medterra CBD is a company you could certainly try out.  Otherwise, check out some other hemp and CBD products by clicking the widgets on this page.  Thanks for reading CBD Cop!

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