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Today we are looking at some of the featured items from Natures Best CBD. If you already know a lot of CBD, either from this site or elsewhere, this will be a lot of review. You can skip a few paragraphs to get the review scoop on some of these specific products. But if you are new to the CBD world and want to learn more, you are in the right spot. Natures Best CBD is a company based out of Colorado, and they have a variety of CBD products that they are currently selling. But because CBD is not regulated like a prescription drug, there is a lot misinformation about it. That is why it is in your best interest to read review articles such as this one to sort out the good products from the bad.

UPDATE 2019: After our initial review in 2018, we decided to take a look back at this promising product line. We found that there was a lot of newfound interest in the company. That shows in the amount of reviews they’re getting on Facebook. As of today, they’re showing 67 votes and a 4.5 rating on their Facebook page. Yep, the notoriously negative social media site has some big love for this upstart CBD company. We’ve noticed a few new editions to their repetoire as well, including a shop-friendly 15 pack of travel sized pain relief creams. They look pretty cute, too.

What Does Natures Best CBD Offer?

Natures Best CBD has a range of products to offer. These include creams, oils, and pet products. And within these categories, Natures Best has many varieties as well, and it looks like they are trying to expand as well. One of the things that makes Natures Best CBD a little different, is that they clearly establish the difference between CBD and Hemp. Some companies pretend like they are the same thing, but if you look at their FAQ section, you will see that they define the difference for you. But we can talk about this further later in the article. For now, we will discuss the main products that Natures Best CBD has to offer!

Natures Best CBD Cream

This is the featured product from Natures Best CBD. This cream is marketed to reduce pain instantly. It contains cannabis oil as well as many other ingredients that act as fillers. You can see all the ingredients online and research them on your own. There is no THC in this product, which goes for all CBD products. This is actually a different compound, but we will get to that next. According to the website, the Nature’s Best CBD gives long lasting relief with pure cannabidiol oil from the hemp plant. This cream has not been tested for these results, however, so you have to take these claims with a grain of salt. If you use this product, directions state that you apply about a half-dime’s-worth of the cream to the affected area, and you can reapply as needed.

Natures Best CBD: What Is CBD?

The makers of Natures Best CBD make it clear that THC and CBD are two different things. Basically, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. THC is the compound that makes cannabis illegal in many places. CBD is also different than Hemp Oil. Hemp oil is processed by pressing seeds from the Hemp plant. There is no CBD in oil, so if you are looking for CBD, don’t buy products that are hemp-based and claim to have cannabidiol in them. Hemp oil may have some natural benefits, but they are different than the ones that CBD claims, such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and improve sleep. For example, this study suggests that CBD may have benefits for subjects with anxiety disorders. But there is further need for CBD studies.

Natures Best CBD: CBD Oil

Natures Best has a variety of different CBD oils for sale. They are priced anywhere from $69-$89, making them rather expensive, especially for a first-time user. The price difference corresponds to the amount that you order. For example, the 1oz is twenty dollars cheaper than the 2oz. These CBD oils come in three flavors: natural, peppermint, and vanilla. Some users prefer to use the oil by itself. The bottle comes with a dropper for easy administration. But you can also add it to food or beverage if you don’t like the taste.

Natures Best CBD: Daily Capsules

If you’d like to skip the oil option altogether, you can also opt for the CBD capsules. This is a daily dietary supplement that you swallow instead. The price is much higher for these capsules than it is for CBD oil, at $139. But this is also a two-month supply. According to the label information, this product contains 1000mg of cannabidiol extract. CBD Daily Capsules are also supposed to come with protein, but there is no indication of how the protein is included.

Natures Best CBD: Pet Products

If you are looking for CBD pet products, you can now buy them from Natures Best CBD. These are extra virgin CBD oils that can be used for both dogs and cats. According to the website, these products are used for the health and wellness of animals and has a rich source of CBD. The benefit claims are similar: anxiety and pain relief. Many people out there are interested in calming their pets down, but does CBD really work for that? Natures CBD doesn’t give substantiation here, but they claim that it helps keep your pet calm and free of stress. This is a 1 oz. bottle that contains roughly 250mg of CBD. They claim that there are no side effect risks, but you should probably check with a veterinarian first to make sure.

How To Order Natures Best CBD

Right now you can order any one of the Natures Best CBD products online. They are located in Colorado and specialize in both CBD and hemp products. They product, pain creams, tinctures, oils, powders, capsules, and pet products. If you are interested in more information, they have a lot of helpful answers in the FAQ section of their website. Right now you can only order online. To do so, you just type in their name on google and find their ordering information. CBD is a rapidly growing industry, and many people are jumping on board their benefit claims. But the research is still ongoing and there is much to find out. Hopefully you’ve learned a bit more about Natures Best CBD and the whole cannabidiol project in general. You can search for the best CBD supplement by clicking on any of the buttons on this page.

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